Graveyard gives up secrets of migration in Imperial Rome | Wait- Romans Came From BOTH North Africa And the Alps? DNA Does Not Lie! 


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Who came to the Eternal City and from where?

Isotope analysis of 2,000-year-old skeletons has given the first direct evidence of internal migration within the Roman Empire.

“They say that all roads lead to Rome, but finding direct evidence of immigrants to the Eternal City has troubled archaeologists for decades,” bioarchaeologist Kristina Killgrove of the University of West Florida, said.

She and colleague Janet Montgomery from Durham University in the UK, examined 105 skeletons buried at two Roman cemeteries between the first and third centuries CE.

By analysing the oxygen, strontium, and carbon isotope ratios in the skeletons’ teeth they determined the geographical origin and diet.

The results provide a more granular picture of ancient migration patterns than we have seen before.

Source: Graveyard gives up secrets of migration in Imperial Rome | Cosmos

Ancient Pyramid Discovered in Spain! Huge Discovery


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An amateur archeologist by the name of Manuel Abril believes he has discovered a pyramid in the Cuenca region of Spain.It seems that there are Pyramids all over Europe, not only in Bosnia. According to reports from, located in the Cuenca region of Spain, an amateur archaeologist has found the first Spanish Pyramid in September this year. The remains of the pyramid can be found in the town of Canete.

According to Cuatro Milenio, the pyramid is located on the hill known as El Cabezuelo.Aerial studies of the location has made it possible to appreciate the square shape of the pyramidal arrangement, the corners and stones seem to be perfectly aligned in blocks which indicates that the Cerro el Cabezuelo is in fact an ancient pyramid and not a natural formation.

Source: THE SEVEN TALES – The seven tales

Kensington Rune Stone WAR Claims Two Casualties. Deception Disguised as “Scholarship” – Are We Losing More History?


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Is Academia working hard to get those involved in history rewriting research to “change their findings” so they can be “accepted into the Academic Brotherhood of False History?

Scott Wolter’s  groundbreaking work on the Kensington Rune Stone has forced many an academic to reconsider the “origins of our nation” and the pitched battle back and forth has been heated.

But, has academia scored a subversive and sneaky win by luring away committed researchers to the historic nature of the Kensington Rune Stone by promising them “acceptance” in academic halls IF they would just “retract their findings” and hide them from the historical record?

Seems two researchers which helped shore up the historic find are now playing hide and seek with history by claiming a magical disappearing act?  See the facts for yourself how history is under attack and especially history that forces us to relook at the recording of our history!


Source: Scott Wolter Answers: Kensington Rune Stone Deception Disguised as “Scholarship”

10 Incredible Facts About The Code of Hammurabi – Secret Code Hidden In Artifacts


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Let us check out ten such facts the Code of Hammurabi that might shoo away various misconceptions that have accumulated over the years.

This is how historian Stephen Bertman partly summarizes the character of Hammurabi, the sixth king of the Amorite dynasty, who ascended the Babylonian throne in 1792 BC –

Hammurabi was an able administrator, an adroit diplomat, and canny imperialist, patient in the achievement of his goals. Upon taking the throne, he issued a proclamation forgiving people’s debts and during the first five years of his reign further enhanced his popularity by piously renovating the sanctuaries of the gods, especially Marduk, Babylon’s patron. Then, with his power at home secure and his military forces primed, he began a five-year series of campaigns against rival states to the south and east, expanding his territory.

Suffice it to say, the great Hammurabi espoused the mentality of a keen ruler who gave equal importance to the opportunities of populist civic projects and military conquests. However beyond just contemporary affairs, the name Hammurabi in our modern-times mostly pertains to that of an ancient law-giver – courtesy of a massive code of laws that dictated various facets ranging from labor contracts, properties to even household and family relationships. So, without further ado, let us check out ten such facts about the Code of Hammurabi that might drive away some of the misconceptions that have accumulated over the years.

Source: 10 Incredible Facts About The Code of Hammurabi

Has the Hidden Location of the Tomb of Cleopatra Finally Been Found?


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Taposiris Magna was just another archaeological site in Northern Egypt, until a rumor arose that the famous queen Cleopatra and her lover Mark Antony may have been buried there.

Abu Sir (Abusir), also known by its Roman name as Taposiris Magna, is located 45 kilometers (28 miles) from Alexandria, Egypt. It’s an ancient city that was called Per Usiri by Egyptians, meaning “Dwelling of Osiris.” The name of the city implies that it’s a place of Osiris’ burial, and in the past it was considered to be one of numerous places where, according to Egyptian mythology, Isis looked for the parts of Osiris’ body that was dismembered by his brother Seth.

It was also a port on the Mediterranean Sea and one of the most important trade harbors in the late history of Egypt. To make it even more attractive, it had another harbor on Lake Maryut. Furthermore, the town may have been known since Pre-Dynastic times.

During the period when the Persians ruled Egypt, it was the capital of the kingdom of Marea. In Roman times, this region was a major source of the grain that was shipped to Italy to placate the potentially riotous plebs in Rome. It’s also a place known for the oldest wine press and one of the oldest bridges in the world has been unearthed.

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Researchers Find More Women Buried At Stonehenge Than Men


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Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of 14 women, believed to be of elite status, buried at the iconic prehistoric monument of Stonehenge. The remarkable discovery was announced in the latest publication of British Archaeology, and the findings suggest a gender-equal society thousands of years ago.”The archaeology now shows that as far as the burials go, women were as prominent there as men. This contrasts with the earlier burial mounds, where men seem to be more prominent,” archaeologist Mike Pitts, who edits the publication, told Discovery News.Christie Willis, a fellow researcher at the British site, told Discovery News the remains were those of 14 females and nine males.

Source: Researchers Find More Women Buried At Stonehenge Than Men

Oak Island Roman Sword UPDATES and NEW FINDINGS by History Heretic | Season Finale for Curse of Oak Island FAKED?


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NEW UPDATE on Oak Island Roman Sword, test to be released, new findings and was the Season 3 of Curse of Oak Island FAKED? Breaking news and report.

TODAY 02-06



Curse of Oak Island – Season 3 Finale – Cross Ways With History? Circus of Oak Island by History Heretic


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Disconcerting Review of Curse of Oak Island Season 3 Finale Episode. Was History Hidden? Why Was 10x Void? Why Dive Abbreviated? Faked Cross? 3 Treasure Chest Found- Really? Something stinks and science says otherwise. #huttonpulitzer #fellowshipofthedig #curseofoakisland #history #WarriorsForTruth


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