#TheHistoryHeretic Reports:  Ancient pyramid excavation reveals society 15,000 years ago #JovanHuttonPulitzer 

The ancient civilisation that populated the coasts of Peru some 15,000 years ago was more advanced than archaeologists had previously imagined. Ancient artefacts suggest that these people had developed efficient techniques to extract resources from the sea early on.

The site of Huaca Prieta in coastal Peru is home to the earliest pyramid in Latin America. Radiocarbon analyses have revealed traces of human presence in the area between 15,000 and 8,000 years ago, before this large human-made mound was erected.

Source: Peru: Ancient pyramid excavation reveals extremely complex society 15,000 years ago

#TheHistoryHeretic Reports:  Did Ancient Mankind Emerge Out Of Volcanos? The Devil’s Foot Prints #JovanHuttonPulitzer 

Descending the side of the Roccamonfina Volcano in northern Italy, sets of humanoid footprints had long been considered the imprint of the Devil, for the footprints were most certainly made when the slope of the volcano was molten. And who but the Devil could walk on flowing lava without burning his feet? Since the ancient footprints’ discovery in the late 18 th century, the local people assumed that the Ciampate del Diavolo (Devil’s Footprints) were evidence of the demon coming out of hell through the crater of the volcano and joining mankind on Earth.


This theory held for over two centuries until 2002, when two amateur archaeologists brought the trail to the attention of the world.



Source: Devil’s Footprints: Who Descended the Side of an Erupting Volcano, Leaving an Ancient Trail Behind? | Ancient Origins

#TheHistoryHeretic Reports:  Cache of Mummies Discovered 

CAIRO, EGYPT—Ahram Online reports that a team from Cairo University discovered an unmarked burial site containing a collection of 17 mummies dating to the Late Period at Tuna Al-Gabal, also known as the necropolis of Khmun, located in central Egypt. Salah El-Kholi, head of the project, said that a radar survey of the area revealed the burial shafts, which also contained limestone and clay sarcophagi. The two clay sarcophagi are anthropoid coffins, one of which is damaged. Two papyri inscribed with Demotic script and a gold, feather-shaped decoration were also found. “This feather could be decoration on the hair dress of one of the deceased,” said El-Kholi. For more on archaeology in Egypt, go to “Messengers to the Gods.”

Source: Cachette of Mummies Discovered in Central Egypt – Archaeology Magazine

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#TheHistoryHeretic Reports: Saddam Hussein’s Gold Discovered by Civilian – #JovanHuttonPulitzer 

A military collector discovered five gold bars worth more than £1m ($1.24m) hidden inside a restored tank purchased for £30,000, prompting theories it was plundered by Saddam Hussein’s soldiers during the first Gulf War in a ‘Three Kings’-type heist.

The bullion was buried inside the fuel tank of the T54 armoured vehicle that had previously belonged to Hussein’s Iraqi army. It is believed that the bars may have been looted from Kuwait during the 1990 Iraqi invasion, according to The Sun.

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Source: Saddam Hussein’s gold discovered in T-54 Iraqi tank by British military restorers