Are Fossilized Human Footprints Real?  Hutton Pulitzer #GoXplrr 

Fossilized footprints are extremely rare and informative. By revealing physique, culture, and climate, these ancient fossils allow us to literally walk in the footsteps of our ancestors. With each new find, we realize there are many more mysteries to unravel in the human story.


Source: 10 Secrets Of Ancient Footprints – Listverse

Symbols and Myth -How the Nazis Sold the Third Reich – Hutton Pulitzer #GoXplrr 

Hitler was the prime mover in the propaganda regimen of the Third Reich, its editor and its first author, at the center of the propaganda process. Many historians perhaps unwittingly imply a propaganda order where Goebbels was the brilliant practitioner and dictator.

This was never true except perhaps in the final year or so of the war. But Hitler was in no sense an innovator—the ideas were always second-hand and even the symbols themselves had a pre-existing life as nationalist icons or signs from earlier ideologies, or as images and rituals borrowed from the Italian Fascism of Benito Mussolini.

Hitler’s expertise was as a synthesizer, fashioning from the accumulated mass of forms and ideas, the historic debris and labyrinths and byways of the German mind, a modern and ravishing éclat articulated through deftly managed symbols and rituals.

Source: How the Nazis Sold the Third Reich – The Daily Beast

Ancient Cannabis? Is It Authentic? Hutton Pulitzer #GoXplrr

Cannabis was “very popular” across the Eurasian steppe.

Archaeologists in China recently discovered evidence indicating humans have been using cannabis as medicine and employing it in spiritual rituals for over 2,400 years.

According to “Ancient Cannabis Burial Shroud in a Central Eurasian Cemetery,” published in Economic Botany last month, “an extraordinary cache of ancient, well-preserved Cannabis plant remains was recently discovered in a tomb in the Jiayi cemetery of Turpan, NW China.”

Source: Chinese Were Smoking Grass 2,400 Years Ago

Never Carry $1.5m In Gold In Your Pocket FOOL! Hutton Pulitzer #GoXplrr 

Bolivian police say they’ve detained a 76-year-old U.S. citizen with more than 121 pounds (55 kilograms) of gold.Anti-narcotics chief Santiago Delgadillo says Robert Agnew Meyer also was found with a small amount of cocaine and several pounds (kilograms) of silver coins. He puts the value of the gold alone at more than $1.5 million.

Source: American with 121 pounds of gold arrested in Bolivia – CBS News

Killed By Brutal Boomerang 800 Years Ago | Hutton Pulitzer #GoXplrr 

When thrown properly, boomerangs can be lethal weapons.

When thrown properly, boomerangs can be lethal weapons. In fact, cave paintings in Australia show that they’ve been used as such for thousands of years, during hunting and war.

Now, scientists think they might have the remains of a boomerang-attack victim, with the discovery of an 800-year-old skeleton that has a long gash in its skull.

The bones were found eroding out of a riverbank in New South Wales’ Toorale National Park two years ago. The skeleton — a male, likely between 25 and 35 years old when he died —was well preserved and appeared to have been carefully buried in a tightly flexed position. He was named “Kaakutja,” a term from the local Baakantji people meaning “older brother.”

Researchers found that Kaakutja ate crayfish and possum for his last meal, and that conflict was part of his lifestyle; he had two head injuries that had partially healed and fresh deadly wounds that had no signs of healing

Source: This man was killed by brutal boomerang blow 800 years ago | Fox News

Mayan Codex Found Oldest In Americas – Hutton Pulitzer #GoXplrr

An ancient Mayan document long thought to be a forgery was recently found to be genuine. The text, known as the Grolier Codex, was analyzed by researchers from Yale, Brown, and the University of California, Riverside, and, according to their results, is the real thing.

The codex—a ten page document consisting of Mayan deity/ritual paintings and a calendar that charts the movement of Venus—dates back to the first half of the 13th century, making it the oldest surviving document from the Americas.Consisting of amate paper made from fig tree bark, the codex was widely believed to be a forgery partially due to the circumstances in which it turned up back in the late 60’s.

The story goes that collector Josue Saenz was flown to a remote airstrip somewhere in the Mexican state of Chiapa, where a crew of looters met him. They showed him the ancient Mayan text, claiming to have found it in a dry cave along with several other artifacts including a wooden mask and sacrificial knife (all which later proved genuine).

Source: Ancient Mayan codex found to be oldest document from the Americas | Fox News