#TheHistoryHeretic Reports: Ancient DNA Shows Wipe-Out of Early Americans — #JovanHuttonPulitzer 

The first largescale study of ancient DNA from early American people has confirmed the devastating impact of European colonisation on the Indigenous American populations of the time.Led by the University of Adelaide’s Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD), the researchers have reconstructed a genetic history of Indigenous American populations by looking directly into the DNA of 92 pre-Columbian mummies and skeletons, between 500 and 8600 years old.

Published in Science Advances, the study reveals a striking absence of the pre-Columbian genetic lineages in modern Indigenous Americans; showing extinction of these lineages with the arrival of the Spaniards.

“Surprisingly, none of the genetic lineages we found in almost 100 ancient humans were present, or showed evidence of descendants, in today’s Indigenous populations,” says joint lead author Dr Bastien Llamas, Senior Research Associate with ACAD. “This separation appears to have been established as early as 9000 years ago and was completely unexpected, so we examined many demographic scenarios to try and explain the pattern.”

“The only scenario that fit our observations was that shortly after the initial colonisation, populations were established that subsequently stayed geographically isolated from one another, and that a major portion of these populations later became extinct following European contact. This closely matches the historical reports of a major demographic collapse immediately after the Spaniards arrived in the late 1400s.”

Source: Ancient DNA shows European wipe-out of early Americans — ScienceDaily

#TheHistoryHeretic Reports: Linguist’s ‘Big Data’ Research Shows Early Human Migrations -#JovanHuttonPulitzer 

University of Virginia linguistic anthropologist Mark A. Sicoli and colleagues are applying the latest technology to an ancient mystery: how and when early humans inhabited the New World. Their new research analyzing more than 100 linguistic features suggest more complex patterns of contact and migration among the early peoples who first settled the Americas.

The diversity of languages in the Americas is like no other continent of the world, with eight times more “isolates” than any other continent. Isolates are “languages that have no demonstrable connection to any other language with which it can be classified into a family,” Sicoli said.

There are 26 isolates in North America and 55 in South America, mostly strung across the western edge of the continents, compared to just one in Europe, eight in Africa and nine in Asia.”Scientists in the past few decades have rethought the settlement of the Americas,” Sicoli said, “replacing the idea that the land which connected Asia and North America during the last ice age was merely a ‘bridge’ with the hypothesis that during the last ice age humans lived in this refuge known as ‘Beringia’ for up to 15,000 years and then seeded migrations not only into North America, but also back into Asia.”

Source: Linguist’s ‘big data’ research supports waves of migration into the Americas — ScienceDaily

#TheHistoryHeretic Reports: Unexpected Discoveries Involving Tombs -#JovanHuttonPulitzer 

There’s nothing like sieving through graves to piece history back together. Between all the bones and endless shards of pottery, the best finds are often the unexpected.

From known grave rituals that suddenly don’t follow the rules to strange body modifications to poisonous metals to the origins of cultures, archaeologists sometimes find what they weren’t even looking for.

Source: Top 10 Unexpected Discoveries Involving Tombs – Listverse

#TheHistoryHeretic Reports: Did Technology Find Nefertiti’s Tomb? – #JovanHuttonPulitzer 

A fresh attempt to discover more secrets in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings offers a tantalizing reward—the tomb of one of history’s most beguiling female monarch.

The hunt has begun on for the “discovery of the century.”

A team of Italian archeologists announced this week that they have started work on documenting the mysterious Valley of the Kings. Next month the team plans to enter the tomb of the boy-king Tutankhamun and scan the tomb for secret chambers. Their ultimate goal is to find the legendary final resting place of Queen Nefertiti, the Egyptian Queen who helped lead a religious revolution 3,300 years ago.

Franco Porcelli, the director of the Polytechnic University of Turin project, said, “It will be a rigorous scientific work and will last several days, if not weeks… Who knows what we might find as we scan the ground”

Source: Are Archaeologists About to Find Nefertiti’s Tomb? – The Daily Beast

#TheHistoryHeretic Reports: Astonishing Geomagnetic Spike Hit Ancient Judah – #JovanHuttonPulitzer 

Earth’s geomagnetic field wraps the planet in a protective layer of energy, shielding us from solar winds and high-energy particles from space. But it’s also poorly understood, subject to weird reversals, polar wandering, and rapidly changing intensities.

Now a chance discovery from an archaeological dig near Jerusalem has given scientists a glimpse of how intense the magnetic field can get—and the news isn’t good for a world that depends on electrical grids and high-tech devices.In a recent paper for Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, an interdisciplinary group of archaeologists and geoscientists reported their discovery.

They wanted to analyze how the planet’s geomagnetic field changes during relatively short periods, and they turned to archaeology for a simple reason. Ancient peoples worked a lot with ceramics, which means heating clay to the point where the iron oxide particles in the dirt can float freely, aligning themselves with the Earth’s current magnetic field.

Source: Astonishing geomagnetic spike hit the ancient kingdom of Judah | Ars Technica

#TheHistoryHeretic Reports: Gold, Amber and Bronze Treasures Found in Iron Age Grave – #JovanHuttonPulitzer 

Nearly 2,600 years ago, the Celts buried a woman in a grave that was brimming with treasures.

It held jewelry made of gold, amber and bronze; bracelets carved from black stone; horse armor fashioned out of bronze and boar tusks; and furs and textiles piled high, indicating that the woman held an elite social status, archaeologists said.

In addition, the presence of a petrified sea urchin and an ammonite in the grave suggest that the woman may have worked as a priestess, the archaeologists said. The Iron Age burial dates to 583 B.C.

Source: Photos: Gold, Amber and Bronze Treasures Found in Iron Age Grave

#TheHistoryHeretic Reports: Oldest Evidence of Silk Found in 8,500-Year-Old Tombs – #JovanHuttonPulitzer 

The oldest evidence of silk made by silkworms has been found buried in 8,500-year-old tombs in China, revealing that people may have used the luxurious material thousands of years earlier than previously thought, a new study finds.Silk was a rare luxury good in the ancient world. Its fame helped give a name to the Silk Road, the legendary network of trade routes that once connected the East and West from China to Rome.

The secret of how to make silk was first discovered in China. According to Chinese legend, after a silkworm cocoon dropped into the teacup of the wife of the Yellow Emperor, she found that the cocoon could unravel to yield about 3,300 feet (1 kilometer) of thread.

Source: Oldest Evidence of Silk Found in 8,500-Year-Old Tombs