Dead body of Bin Laden a Treasure? #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

Dead body of Bin Laden a Treasure?
Treasure Hunter claims to have found the body of
Osama bin Laden.

As a Professional Treasure Hunter I can understand the recovery of a body being deemed a Treasure.

A few examples would be, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Jesus the Christ, Moses and so on, but Osama bin Laden? Now I know bin Laden’s family might and so would a few of his country men, but an American Citizen considering bin Laden’s body a Treasure?

The Treasure Hunter is out of California and his name is Bill Warren. He announced back in July of 2011 that he was going to raise an expedition to find the body the US Military dumped overboard in a burial at sea. His reasoning? He believes that our Government has lied about terminating the life of Osama bin Laden and he is out to recover the body and do DNA tests to prove out his theory.

Warren is getting attention and he really only has an idea of where the body may be, whatever body it is, was dumped. He is trying to fund his expedition, which he states would take between $200,000 and $400,000 to execute. As for me, it costs more than $400,000 to mount one of our Treasure Expeditions and yes; our missions regularly find dead bodies, but $400,000 spent to recover $50,000,0000 or $700,000,000 is more my taste, not just to try to prove up some conspiracy theory.

Just my thoughts, but why don’t you read and listen for yourself? Below is the original article by By Jesus Diaz, ( Email Author May 2, 2012 | 3:25 pm | Categories: Bizarro )and the link is provided so you can listen to Bill Warren make his case. Enjoy- Commander

The guy in the video above is Bill Warren, the Californian treasure hunter who claimed he was searching for Osama bin Laden’s dead body back in June 2011. He didn’t find him then, but now he swears that he has located the cadaver.
Talking to Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Warren says he has no doubt about where Osama is:
I’ve located where they threw him away. I’m the only one with this information. He’s 200 miles to the west of the Indian city of Surat.
Warren — who claims to have discovered more than 200 shipwrecks during his career as a treasure-hunter — says that bin Laden’s body is still at that same location, deep under water. His thought is that, since the Navy weighted down the bag, the body hasn’t moved from where it was dropped. He is now trying to rent Russian deep diving equipment to locate his payload, and to conduct DNA tests once he finds him.
At least, that’s what he believes. He says he pinpointed the drop point from photos recently released by the U.S. Navy.
Warren is now in Azerbaijan, apparently working for their government in a contract to locate some old ships. But he is ready to start the diving for Osama’s body bag: he says he’s aiming at starting the mission on June 1, and that he may be able to find the body in “under a week.” He also claims that the search would last a maximum of three months. He declares that his only fear is that the US Government would kill him or sink his boat.
Warren is now searching for $200,000 to finance the whole operation (Bill, I suggest Kickstarter). He wouldn’t have needed that money had he located the Trinidad, the famous Spanish ship loaded with Aztec gold that sunk in the coast of California in 1540. Warren has repeatedly tried to locate that treasure, once in 1976 and then again in 1987. Back then he claimed he had located the Trinidad, but obviously he didn’t.
Conspiracy theories
The same could probably be true with bin Laden’s body. It’s highly unlikely that, even if Warren were right about the location — and again, there’s very little chance he is — he would be able to find a body bag in the bottom of the deep sea.
Warren says he is doing this because he doesn’t “believe the Obama administration” and he wants to have proof that it is really his body. But, if he doesn’t believe President Obama and the United States Navy, why would the body be down there at all? If he thinks that they are lying, the most logical thing is to believe that they never buried the body at sea.  But who knows, maybe Bill will prove himself right this time. Or maybe the body will not be there because Osama bin Laden is alive and well, playing cards and drinking mai tais with Elvis and Marilyn, in that secret government paradise island in the middle of the Pacific.


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