Pre-schooler finds MILLIONS in GOLD TREASURE! #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer


Everyone I have ever talked to about Lost Treasures has the same common memory – “being a child and playing hunt for treasure and dreaming about finding lost treasures!”

This day dream is common to all of us!  But now think about a 3, almost 4 year old finding millions!  I thought Beast and I were lucking finding our first Treasure at 6 years old and 8 years old, but this kids beat us.  We found lost treasure and others claimed it, and we got a coupon for a hamburger, but this kid got MILLIONS!

Here are the details:  (BTW, here is Commander’s TNT Radio Program on this boy’s find!)

IF James Hyatt was old enough to understand the concept, his family would tell him he is blessed with beginner’s luck.  The three-year-old was minutes into his first ever attempt at metal detecting when he found a gold locket potentially worth £2.5million.

He had just been passed the device at a field in Hockley, Essex, when it began to buzz.

Buried 8in below was a reliquary.  This is a gold container used to hold religious relics – items believed to be the remains of religious figures or objects associated with them.  Experts have dated the locket to the early 16th century – the era of Henry VIII – and say it could have belonged to a member of the royal family.  The reliquary has been declared treasure trove at an inquest, meaning the proceeds of its sale will be shared between James’s family and the landowner.

James’s father Jason, 34, said: ‘My son is one of the luckiest people ever.  ‘If we go to the doctors he’ll put his hand down the side of the sofa and pull out a tenner.’  James, who is now four, was on a metal detecting trip with his father and grandfather in May last year when he asked to try using the equipment.

His father, a web designer who lives with his wife Rebecca, James and six-month-old daughter Emily in Billericay, Essex, added: ‘After about five minutes we got a buzz and we started digging.

‘James was so excited when he realised he had found real treasure. Dad was blown away.  ‘In 15 years doing it as a hobby I’d never found anything like it. If we get any money it will be for the children.’



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