Roman Army Treasure Found! #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

Treasure is still out there, even at sites that have been scoured over and over.

You never really know where and when Lost Treasure is going to turn up and sometimes even the KNOWN sites of Lost Treasures continue to offer new treasures up to those who look.  The find below was not just artifacts, but over 200 valuable coins (btw, you can see some close up photos of these treasures recovered at our Instragram

Case and point:

Residents of a town under siege by the Roman army about 2,000 years ago buried two hoards of treasure in the town’s citadel — treasure recently excavated by archaeologists.


More than 200 coins, mainly bronze, were found along with “various items of gold, silver and bronze jewelry and glass vessels” inside an ancient fortress within the Artezian settlement in the Crimea (in Ukraine), the researchers wrote in the most recent edition of the journal Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia.

“The fortress had been besieged. Wealthy people from the settlement and the neighborhood had tried to hide there from the Romans.  They had buried their hoards inside the citadel,” Nikolaï Vinokurov, a professor at Moscow State Pedagogical University, explained.

Here is the news story and some of the high res photos taken


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