Lose your Keys and find a HUGE TREASURE! #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

We have all done it, lost our keys and have had to look around and find them.  Some of us have even lost our keys outside before and had to use a metal detector to find them again.  Now imagine this:  You lose your keys, outside and using a metal detector you don’t find your keys right off, you find a 15th Long Lost Treasure!

Here is how it all played out:    The lucky man- Ifor

We’ve all lost our keys at some point, but one man found his along with an extraordinary hidden treasure.    When Welsh farmer Ifor Edwards, 56, dropped his keys on a tract of land he owns called Oak Farm in Bronington, he was determined to find them, so he and his wife, Anna, 40, called in metal-detecting experts from the Wrexham Heritage Society.

Cliff Massey, 83, found the keys, but he also found 14 medieval coins from the 14th and 15th centuries, according to a story published Monday in the Shropshire Star.

John Gittins, a coroner who performed an inquest on the findings, described the coins, which are composed of 90 percent silver and likely from the days of Edward III, Henry V and Henry VI, as a “treasure.”

Amazing Idea! LOOK

Amazing Idea! LOOK

Yahoo! Shine could not reach Edwards for comment, but he told the paper, “It is a once in a lifetime thing. It is such a shock, you just can’t quite believe it. You realize those coins were there before they ever found America or anything. You just can’t believe you’re holding something that is 600 and something years old. We only bought the land three years ago and nothing like this has ever been found before.”

And Massey told the Daily Post, a North Wales newspaper, “[Edwards] hadn’t ploughed the field for some time and after he ploughed it I found two coins. I went the following day and found the rest of them in close proximity.” Yahoo! Shine could not reach Massey for comment.

The Shropshire Star reports thatWrexham County Borough Museum is interested in acquiring the coins, and Edwards and Massey will split the proceeds.  Here is the rest of the story in full as reported:

Make MONEY Metal Detecting!

Make MONEY Metal Detecting!


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