Could you cut off your own arm? #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

How to cut off your arm and eat your dog

COULD YOU CUT OFF YOUR OWN ARM, so you could live?

WOULD YOU EAT YOUR OWN BELOVED DOG, if your survival or the survival of your family depended on it?

The human condition is to learn only in tough times, but who wants to learn when the chips are down and their very life depends on their decisions? Better to study those who have survived and integrate those lessons into your own memory bank of learning. That is what this book is about – learn NOW, and SURVIVE when the proverbial poop hits the fan! This book consists of two distinct parts:

Part One: Inspiring stories of survival. Learn from others that have survived the worst possible situations.

Part Two: Prepare you and your family (and YOUR MIND) with easy to learn basic and advanced skills for all types of situations. Skills you need to know NOW — not when you are headed for an excursion, or family outing to a remote or harsh environment.

How you decide to equip yourself beforehand will impact whether or not you and your family survive. Surviving and the ability to survive is not just about being lost in the mountains, the jungle or stranded at sea. With the way the world is going, if a huge disaster hit your city, could you, or would you and your family survive? What would you do if you were alone in the wild with your life and the lives of your family in your hands?

Getting stranded in the wilderness (and in the city) can be dangerous when you take into account all of the factors that stand against you, like wild animals, possibility of attack, lack of shelter, poisonous plants, little or no food and water supplies. Being prepared is the only way to ensure that if you find yourself stranded in the wilderness you can get through it until help finds you, or you find your way to safety. Without training in basic skills for surviving, your chances of living through a disaster or being lost in the wilderness are slight. SLIM TO NONE.

Learning to survive and fend for one’s self strengthens ones confidence and character. So, when everything around you goes to hell in a hand-basket, why not be the one with the hand-basket of survival know-how and goodies?


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