Man’s Forgotten Cities – 10,000 Years Old! #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

There is a battle being waged.  On one side those in the “know” are claiming man has only occupied cities for 4000 years or so.  On the other side, those in the “know” are now proving man was not only occupying cities as far back as 10,000 years ago, but they were the builders and they were able to create, orchestrate, manage and apply technologies both not attributed to them and some technologies we today have not even mastered.

So, exactly how is it that man, when we were supposed to be grunting, grubbing, not writing, or creating art and not using anything more sophisticated than a rock to smash all around us; were actually building vast cities, creating massive works of art and even living in an organized social structure (more than just knocking the woman you wanted in the head and dragging her off, right?)?


Mind numbing I know, but we are all taught we were apes and could not do anything for ourselves other than kill each other and barely survive. But IF that was the real case, why are modern explorers now finding massive cities that rival today’s civilized metropolitan areas, underwater buried thousands of years ago by the ocean?

What’s wrong with this picture?  Here is what is wrong – “Everything we learned is FALSE” and we really know very, very, very little about our origins and just how far we go back.  Now here is the rub, if all this is rapidly proven wrong, why is it that when an Academic claims to make a discovery of great magnitude he or she is praised and published on their theories of “what they think they are looking at and thus what happened in our collective pre-history”, but let an independent explorer find the same thing and make his or her theories know they are branded as “fakes, frauds and just picking a theory out of their ass”?

I know, both frustrating and wonky double-standard, but now Academics are having to take notice as all we ever thought we knew about our origins and abilities gets blown out of the water, literally.   Here is what I mean:


BTW, while you are at it, here is our moment of discovery of finding an ancient culture that should no exist in North America, BUT DOES!


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