Trash ends up being $2.5 million in Gold Treasure. #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

At one time or another we all have misplaced something, or even suspected we threw something away of value.  Right?  I know I have done that.  There is nothing more frustrating than going to look for something and then to be hammered with the immediate fear “Oh no, I threw that away!”.

Now imagine that frustration and how it would be magnified if you tossed $2.5 million in gold coins!  They say that ignorant is bliss, well how about the disposing of $2.5 million in gold coins AND YOU DID NOT EVEN KNOW IT!  Less painful, I guess; but a huge loss none the less.  In that case, ignorance would be bliss.

Not too long ago in our history, people did not trust banks,  Just because one had their money in banks, did not mean the money was safe and one had forever access to their funds.  Just ask any one who live through America’s Great Depression.  People from that era tended to store their valuables in places they had direct access to and thought were safe – such as – a safe.

Here is a great story about some forgotten gold stored in a safe – and then junked.

Houston, Texas – A Houston scrap collector hauled an old safe from a family’s home, but when the vault was pried open he discovered it held a fortune in gold coins and silver dollars.

The man who opened the safe was David Molick, owner of Robbie’s Key & Lock shop who told ABC News that the scrap collector asked him to break into the safe before it was turned into scrap about a month ago.

“He showed me a picture of this safe, and I saw that it was a high security one,” Molick said. “It was real difficult to get into. It was pretty beat up. Looked like somebody had tried forcing their way into it since the front was beat up.”

Molick said he spent more than 20 hours trying to open the safe last week. Finally, after drilling 10 holes through six-inch walls of concrete, he discovered a bonanza.

“I thought, ‘Oh, this ain’t real,'” Molick said. “There were 50 Krugerrands in one pipe, and brand new, un-circulated silver dollars in ammo boxes. All of them were well over half full. The entire safe must’ve weighed at least 3,000 pounds.” Molick estimates the safe to contain $2.5 million.

Molick then called the police and put a lock back on the safe the next day.

“We temporarily took custody of the coins on Monday,” said Houston Police Department spokesperson Keese Smith.

Smith declined to estimate the value of the coins.

“I don’t have an exact number, but there was a substantial amount,” he said.



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