Treasure Technology looks BACK IN TIME! #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

Imagine what you could find if you could magically erase the effects of time, forestation and overgrowth?  It would be just like being able to look into the past.  Now imagine the fabulous cache of Artifacts, Relics and Archaeological information that would be available to the world IF such a fantastic technology existed!  Well it does exist.LIKE US

But before I reveal the technology and give you the details, look at the before and after pic I have posted.  One is the New England forest and the other is what this amazing technology can reveal by “peering” through the forestation.  Amazing!

This is what it looks like today!

This is what it looks like today!



New England’s woody hills and dales hide a secret—they weren’t always forested. Instead, many were once covered with colonial roads and farmsteads.

This “lost” New England of the colonial era has started to emerge, thanks to archaeologists piercing the forests with the latest in high-tech scanners, called light detection and ranging (LiDAR). In the images above, LiDAR reveals farm walls, roads and homesteads hidden within Connecticut’s Pachaug State Forest. Dating to the 18th Century, the farmsteads were abandoned in the 1950’s.

The airborne technology bounces laser light pulses off the ground to generate precise pictures of surface features. A quiet revolution in archaeology has resulted from LiDAR’s advent, with scholars making new discoveries by using the technology to look at Maya cities, Stonehenge’s plains, and Renaissance palaces, among other places.




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