300,000 Year Old Cavemen in Israel? #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

The holy-land is awesome to think about and what it was like just over 2000 years ago during the events that make up the writings of the Bibles New testament, but imagine what it was like 298,000 years BEFORE THAT?  Weird thought – Biblical Lands Cavemen?  It even sounds weird.  But that is just what has been recently uncovered in the ancient earth of Israel.

Early Man?

A newly discovered hearth full of ash and charred bone in a cave in modern-day Israel hints that early humans sat around fires as early as 300,000 years ago — before Homo sapiens arose in Africa.

In and around the hearth, archaeologists say they also found bits of stone tools that were likely used for butchering and cutting animals.

The finds could shed light on a turning point in the development of culture “in which humans first began to regularly use fire both for cooking meat and as a focal point — a sort of campfire — for social gatherings,” said archaeologist Ruth Shahack-Gross of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

“They also tell us something about the impressive levels of social and cognitive development of humans living some 300,000 years ago,” Shahack-Gross added in a statement.



300,000-Year-Old Caveman ‘Campfire’ Found in Israel




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