Man discovers 200,000 y.o. Starwars Lightsaber – Archaeologists scratching their heads. #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

Among the advanced and multi-degreed academic crowd few like to admit to being stumped over the origins and providence of any artifact, but it does happen.  Some of these artifacts which are baffling the minds of many are so “out there” they fall into a category of their own.  The category is called oopART’s  or Out-Of-Place-Artifacts.

Lightsaber's parts

To best describe oopARTS in layman’s terms would be akin to metal detecting a civil war battlefield and you find a sword.  The sword is actually missing the blade, so all you have it a handle and a cross guard.  Then all of a sudden you find a small depression of the side of the pommel on the end of the sword and it actually is loose.  You naturally are inquisitive and push the depression on the pommel and out pops a sword blade – made out of pure light (you know like a light sabre in the movie Starwars).  Now you have what is called an oopART – definitely an Out-Of-Place-Artifact!  A wondrous yet highly controversial artifact.

All of a sudden,to the sci-fi, Ancient Aliens and Star Trek crowd, you are in instant superstar of social media and being hailed as the person who finally proved once and for all we come from Aliens and have always had advanced technologies (we just lost them over time and the technology was forgotten).

As you are enjoying your new found celebrity, you are online looking at all the raving reviews and comments surrounding your awesome alien proving artifact and you suddenly start to see new posts.  Horrifying new posts.  Instead of being the new cause for celebration, you are now the lowest, dirtiest, nastiest, con-man, scamming person to ever have lived and you now stand accused of “manufacturing the supposed artifact in your garage and planting it and then playing like it was found and real”.

Yep, they even have facts to prove it!  All kinds of posts appear like your fourth grade shop teacher who claims “He always great with making cool things”; and suddenly the critics SCREAM “see here is proof!  He’s good with his hand and THIS PROVES it’s a fake”.  Next a post appears and someone has found a obscure reference from your kindergarten school and they find out you won the prize for best finger-painted paper mache ball.  Now they have PROOF.  You are now 49, they see something you made when you were four and all of a sudden “No wonder he was able to create such a unique fake artifact, he has been a master creator of faked artifacts for 45 years now, we have proof!”

Get the idea?  Welcome to the controversial world of “Out-Of-Place-Artifacts”.  For your viewing pleasure  here are some of the most controversial oopARTS.  Look them over, Google them and make up your own mind!

oopART 2

oopART 3

oopART 4

oopART 5

oopART 6

oopART 7

oopArt 1

oopArt 8

oopART 9

oopART 10

oopART 11

oopART 12

oopART 13

oopART 14


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