Mother Nature regurgitates massive GOLD HOARD! #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

Mother Nature (and God) are the only ones who truly know where fabulous lost treasures are hidden in the earth and it would be nice to have the ear of Mother Nature or a direct secret phone line to God for “information tips”.   But alas, we don’t.  Of course we can pray for help finding lost treasures, but sometimes Mother Nature and the incredible forces of nature vomit up huge treasures.

gold coins

Imagine this:  You’re a poor Indonesian woman.  You’re an old woman.  You struggle to feed yourself and the way you do it is by digging up oysters in the local brackish swamps.  Now while you’re out digging for the clams cousins, you find huge clams (as in money).  Yes HUNDREDS OF ANCIENT GOLD COINS IN A REAL TREASURE CHEST!

Treasure IS OUT THERE!

A poor village woman searching for oysters in a swamp has found a centuries-old chest filled with gold coins – a fabulous treasure uprooted from an ancient cemetery in the 2004 tsunami.

In a story that stirs the imagination, the chance discovery of the chest, covered in coral and oyster shells, has sparked a mini gold-rush to the swamps around Gampong Pande village in the northern Indonesian region of Banda Aceh, which was badly hit by the tsunami.

The tidal wave ripped up graves in the ancient cemetery containing the bones of 13th century rulers who were buried with their treasures.

The coins are believed to have been struck between 1200 and 1600 but prior to the devastating tsunami none of the tribes living in the area had dared to interfere with the graves, fearing revenge from the spirits of the dead.


Treasure Found!




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