Conflict Crisis Creation Cosmos and Catastrophe and MY BRAIN HURTS! #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

Do we know everything there is to know?  Could we even of begun to scratch the surface of all there is to know our planet and the origins of mankind?  As for me, I have always stated the following: “I believe we have lost more history and technology over time than we have gained or created over time!”  I truly believe this!What say you?

Yet here we are communicating over the Internet (via a blog or FaceBook at the moment) and we think we are really powerful and technologically advanced.  But are we?  Really?  That question is only posed to get one to “think, reflect and ask questions”.  I firmly believe in “question everything”.  This question everything does come with a “qualifier”.

My guess is “I” live by this “qualifier” since I operate on the exploration side of the business, not the casual observer side of the business and by that I mean – “as explorers we come across things in the field, on a mission and/or on an expedition that are either (a) hard to explain, (b) or should not exist, or (c) defy common logic or approved historical reference.  Thus – my shared “qualifier” on what I mean by “question everything”.  Here it goes-

1)      Everyone is entitled to their very own opinion, and;

2)      With one’s opinion comes two things:  (1) a certain level or responsibility, and; (b) a certain level of acceptance for the individual or thing you may dis-agree with

In Facebook or Blog terms (for this digital age) that means the following:

(A)    To scream, yell or post- “FAKE-FRAUD-LIAR-HOAX” is irresponsible as single word oppositions to another person’s post or opinion.  Not saying you shouldn’t question – just saying the knee jerk response, off the cuff, single word response (and remember 50% of that type of response is JERK) of “FAKE-FRAUD-LIAR-HOAX” is not being responsible, since you are looking at evidence or information through a gateway of technology, without the benefit of investigating the person, place or thing from the FIRST PERSON PRESPECTIVE.

In my mind, the immediate response of “FAKE-FRAUD-LIAR-HOAX” is something taught to us and hammered into our collective conscience by (a) the older institutions of ancient Church, and; (b) the older institution of Academia and Education.

Why do I use the words “older or old and ancient”?  Simply put, back in the dark ages when someone questioned the Church they immediately labeled things (or discoveries) as “FAKE-FRAUD-LIAR-HOAX” and that IMMEDIATELY shut down talk, exploration and further research into the truth surrounding a person, place or thing.  Moving forward in time, this same “shut down mechanism” became the practice of academia and educational institutions.  Don’t agree with something and want to shut it down, just call it a “FAKE-FRAUD-LIAR-HOAX”.  That is why and the ONLY reason why I call these knee jerk reactions “irresponsible”.

Now that we have that out of the way, I think we can agree that in today’s enlightened society, with more technology and knowledge at its fingertips than ever before, we should QUESTION BUT NOT SHUT DOWN!  Why?  We all want answers and to get answers there HAS TO BE QUESTIONING and we have to dig deeper EVEN IF we totally disagree with the supposition or presentation and the only way to DIG DEEPER is to NOT SHUT THINGS DOWN but OPEN THEN UP FOR DEEPER RESEARCH AND INVESTIGATION.

How can we foster this?  By forcing ourselves to begin to walk that very path. IF YOU ARE WILLING TO DIG DEEPER AND INVESTIUGATE FUTHER – even things that defy logic, history or understanding (or sometimes even common sense) then as humans we are FOSTERING an environment of “engagement” and “investigation” rather than sticking our heads in the sands as we claps our hands over our ears and shut our eyes as tight as we can simply because “we don’t want to know and we don’t want to have our beliefs or dogmas shattered”.

And BELIVE ME, in my very own family I have dear family members, that I love deeply, that still “stick their heads in the sands as claps their hands over their ears and shut their eyes as tight as they can simply because, they don’t want to know and they don’t want to have their beliefs or dogmas shattered”, and it can be over subjects as simple and proven as mankind’s history goes back 200,000 years and not just 5000 to 6000 years.  Or a particular religion was created in 1901 and yet they will swear it was founded when the Christ was crucified on the cross (even though I can give them the Church’s own records and writing to prove it).

My Point?  No want wants to be wrong and no one wants to leave the safety of “common history and forced teachings”.  No for me, I could find out tomorrow that I was hatched from an egg of an intergalactic pigeon crossed with meteor dust and dipped in the poop of a Galapagos Tortoise and it would no more shake my chosen faith or my understanding of WHO I AM.  I would then say “Thank God for me begin hatched from an egg of an intergalactic pigeon crossed with meteor dust and dipped in the poop of a Galapagos Tortoise. Thank God that happened because IF not I would never be here and would never get a chance to explore, question, investigate and would never of been given to leave my own little mark on history and mankind”.

So before I shake things up and the “Corp of Cussing Commentaries from the Facebook Fascist Factions” begins on certain posts or pictures, let me state the following:  NONE OF THESE PHOTOS are for political, social or religious reasons!  These are being posted to get you to think, investigate and research AND COME TO YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS AND NOT WHAT OTHES TELL YOU OR MAKE YOU OR SHAME YOU INTO SAYING.  Make up your own mind.  You have a brain, you have resources to research (we are dialoging on the Internet are we not?) and you can make your own decisions.

But PLEASE do not use the old school style of repression and intimidation of posting singular word commentaries or opinions like: “FAKE-FRAUD-LIAR-HOAX”.   PARTICIPATE in the dialog and sharing and growth of all looking over this and try responses that are sharing (pro or con) like:

“This photo seems real to be because” or “This photo seems like ART {notice I did not use fake, but called it ART} because it seems to be manufactured by using…..”

Be respectful and share and comment in an environment that fosters dialog and MORE SHARING!  That is the only way we grow and expand our collective knowledge.  NOTE:  Lets start with such controversial topics as: (1) man crossed with reptiles, (2) man alive at time of dinosaurs, and; (3) dinosaurs in modern times.  That should stir the pot well enough don’t you think?  (PS. I also threw in Dragons and Dragon FOSSILS!

No off the to “photo bin of belief battling objects of mental conflict”:

What say you?What say you?

What say you?

What say you?

What say you?What say you?What say you?

What say you?

What say you?What say you?What say you?What say you?What say you?What say you?

What say you?What say you?

What say you?What say you?

What say you?


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