Hobby Metal Detectorist REWRITES Country’s History! #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

Hobby Detectorists are rewriting the history of the world!  I have long maintained that the Academic and Archaeology Clubs do not give enough credence and credit to those who scour the country in the name of detecting and rescuing artifacts and items lost to time.  Once again, here is a prime example of where “academic egos” collide with “honest hobbyists”.  What do I mean by that?

0A rare Edward VI shilling, minted in London between 1551 and 1553


Let me share with you – a not so kind debate – I had online with an “Archaeologists”.  Almost immediately when I posted a recent historical find by an amateur metal detector enthusiast in a Group in Facebook, an “Archaeologist” attacked the post as “grave robbers”, “looters” and “thieves”.  So here are a few points I shared with this “Archaeologists” and it actually got him to recant and back-down (maybe you can adopt this defense of the hobby as well?).  Instead of engaging in “yelling and screaming and CAPITAL LETTER FEST ON FACEBOOK” (as people with weak points often do), I shared facts that enabled the “Archaeologists” see the light and find a way to embrace the “amateur detecting pseudo-archaeoligsts”  The facts are as follows:

1.  The person who “created the discipline of Archaeology” was a German born Grocery Store Owner that used his own funds and time to find a “Lost Legend/Myth in History” and to prove it was real.  This act, started the study, thinking and discipline that eventually became ARCHAEOLOGY. {If you want to know the exact details of this common history we share then it happens to be the first chapter in my book series titled “10 Treasure Legends”}

2.  If it was NOT for this passionate individual pursing his hobby, the world would of been worse off and YOU [the Archaeologist would not be an archaeologist or have a degree in archaeology]

3.  As a result of this “hobbyists” the numerous studies were created.  You, Me, Archaeologists, Historians, Anthropologist, Cultural Geography, Cultural Studies, Antiquities, Historiography, Comparative Literature, Etymologists and almost 50 other educational and scientific fields of study, owe this man – A GERMAN GROCER – a thank you and a place of honor in history (but that would take supporting facts and truth and not academic oriented half-truths.  Again, another whole different story).

4.  Universities NO LONGER pay for Exploration, so “Archaeologists” no longer get to go out and be Indiana Jones and make discoveries.  Since there is no money to explore, the “industry” has resorted to drafting laws to keep “private individuals” from making find, by trying to make it “illegal to hunt and detect”.  It is a form of trying to protect YOUR [the Archaeologists] job.  WHY?  You the Archaeologists ONLY get tenure and an increase in salary IF you (a) get published, and; (b) you make a historic find and thus get published and bring honor to the institution. Thus you create laws to let thing ROT and DECAY, so an amateur does not make a find and show you up.  The system is upside down.

5.  So I propose an alternative.  (1) Embrace amateur – hobbyist, treasure hunting metal detecting individuals”, (2) make yourself know to them and encourage them to GO OUT AND DISCOVER and IF you find something – I will work with you, get you known and you can even benefit, but I will help preserve the history.  Its a win win for us both!  {i even told the Archaeologists that there could be 10,000 serious people in ONE STATE – his state- that would do this and HE the Archaeologist would be the hero with 10,000 foot soldiers “working on finding history”!  He would see the finds as they were found, write the books and get published and get tenure and be an academic hero – if he just embraced this and NOT stole the find from the finder, but embraced the finder}.

Of course,  the “Archaeologists” yelled “THAT WILL NOT WORK” and I factually reminded him “this is the system which is embraced in the United Kingdom and look at all the fantastic hoards that have come to light in the last decade!”  The system works!  At that, he acquiesced and not the Facebook Group is not a yelling match of junk. {NOTE: there will ALWAYS be yelling laymen idiots on Facebook who curse, rant, rave, yell, hate and try to make people look bad – that will always be around and just have pity on those who stoop to those tactics}.

Anyway, feel free to use the above in ALL GROUPS when you get attached for detecting and history or treasure hunting, because remember it is people like you and I who started the who archaeological industry to begin with!

Now on to the story and how one lone detectorists, hunting history, is now changing history!  HOORAY!

Retired security system specialist Bruce Campbell looks for old coins on January 23, 2014 in Victoria, British ColumbiaVictoria (Canada) (AFP) – An amateur treasure hunter with a hand-held metal detector has turned Canadian history on its head after finding a 16th century shilling buried in clay on the shores of Vancouver Island.  The 435-year-old coin discovered in western-most Canada has rekindled a theory that a British explorer made a secret voyage here two centuries before it was discovered by Spanish sailors.  Official historical records show the Spanish were the first Europeans to set foot in what is now Canada’s British Columbia province in 1774, followed four years later by British Royal Navy Captain James Cook.

Retired security systems installer Bruce Campbell found the coin in mid-December, along with a rare 1891 Canadian nickel, a 1960s dime and penny from 1900.  “I was getting fat and tired of watching TV,” he said about what got him into his hobby, surrounded in his Victoria, British Columbia home by a trove of adventure novels and a few dug up treasures.  He never imagined, he said, stirring up controversy with his latest find.

According to conspiracy theorists and some historians, the silver coin (produced between 1551 and 1553) is evidence that English explorer Sir Francis Drake travelled as far north as Canada’s Pacific Coast during an expedition to California in 1579, in search of the famed Northwest Passage.

But he covered it up at the behest of Queen Elizabeth I, who supposedly wished to avoid confrontation over the new territory with Spain.



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