Decoding Treasure Symbols – Do’s and Don’ts Part 1 #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

Decoding Symbols, specifically Treasure Symbols is like any science; there are specific steps, formulas and applied logic.  Applied logic is the key.  When one is pursuing Lost History and Lost Treasure your success WILL ultimately come down to decoding symbols.  Not just decoding them and their hidden meanings, but decoding them correctly.

First, let me share with you some background information of why I wrote this particular article.  Two times, in just the last twelve months, we have been contacted by a fellow treasure hunter who was seeking help in their pursuit.  These two individuals had some of the same things in common:


1.  They each had the total passion a dedication needed to be successful in rediscovering Lost History and/or Lost Treasure.

2.  They followed various online treasure forums and groups to gain knowledge

3.  They possessed a never give up attitude (needed for being successful in rediscovering and recovering lost history and lost treasures)

4.  They invested in their education to train themselves on lost history and treasure hunting to help insure their success

5. They were willing to out their money into their venture to take the steps to “go for it”

All of the above five traits are needed for anyone to be successful in their hunts, BUT some of the same traits can work against one as well.  Here are the five traits these two people over who contacted me had that were NEGATIVE to their goals:

A.  They DID NOT do DEEP RESEARCH into their particular treasure they were hunting, to VERIFY their particular treasure was real to begin with

B.  In following online groups and such, THEY took information AS TRUTH from people expression opinions on decoding treasure symbols that have never actually found and recovered a treasure and only put out THEIR unproven ideas about such (RULE: can’t find tomb from someone who has not found a tomb, and what is a tomb?  A place were a body was entombed, thus finding a tomb would require entering such tomb, finding the body, making a recovery and documenting the recovery – NOT JUST calling a site a tomb site).

C.  Their never give up attitude was trumped by “lets go NOW” and as such they moved too fast trying to recover their target treasure

D.  They DID INVEST IN their education, but the books they bought were total bogus junk with NO BASIS in fact, and they did NOT buy everything on the subject and check out EVERYTHING on the subject

E.  Finally, yes they spent their money, but with poor research, poor education, and no help or advice from real treasure hunters THEY BOTH LOST THEIR LIFE SAVINGS AND BANKRUPTED THEIR FAMILIES?

As for me, I try to cut everyone some slack if possible, but I have no tolerance for those who put out bogus “treasure hunting and symbol decoding information” when they have no expertise in it, have never made any finds and the only experience they ever had in life was as limited to teaching preschoolers how to make clay models, or pushed cattle and sheep in Wyoming.

There are no ancient secrets to decoding the past, there is only great research and applied logic.  No, no Ancient Ghost is going to swoop down and possess your body and mind and all of a sudden IF you draw enough lines on a photograph the decoding will appear.  THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, and SEEING IS BELIEVING and unlike succeeding – IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SEE, is is most likely not there to be seen in the first place.

So before you go out and spend your money trying to find a lost treasure, educate yourself and STUDY EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and then just use some APPLIED LOGIC AND COMMON SENSE . Decide for yourself what is real.  So, now lets get to learning about treasure symbols and secret codes that point to things lost and the best way to do that is to TRAIN YOUR EYES.

To train your eyes I am going to show you some REAL, CARVED BY MAN, SYMBOLS that led to hidden things.  Look them over, take them in, see how they are permanent, easily seen (seen is different from decoded), see how they are made to LAST, and the environment does not ruin them beyond recognition over time.

Look at these symbols with this in your mind:

IF you were to hide $10,000,000 in gold would YOU DO THE FOLLOWING?

  • make light faint lines in rocks to mark you way – that might fade over the years?  HELL NO
  • make your treasure symbols and markers out of loose gravel that wind, rain, animals and snow could wash away? HELL NO
  • spend 10 years or more moving dirt or trying the carve the side of a whole mountain for all to see (and observe what you are doing and ask over time – Hey Noah, why are you doing that?)  HELL NO – you want to keep a low profile
  • make your “here is my vault” carved stone from the stone the size of a softball or volleyball and then set it on the side of a hill or trail so you remember your way years later, when that stone can be moved by wind, rain, snow and animals?  HELL NO

You get my picture.  When someone hides something of great value they DO NOT BROADCAST it, they use natural landmark and hidden marks and symbols to lead the way and THEY ARE ALL PERMANENT and can’t be picked up and carry away by the local rock lover!


Here are some real signs and symbols to authentic hidden things and treasures:

authentic symbolAuthentic symbolIntentional man modificationAuthenticAuthentic symbolAuthentic

Now I could keep going here and adding real image after real man made image left to mark a location.  But there are also some in nature that can trick you into thinking they are real, but they are only geo anomalies and not MAN MADE,  How can you tell, the weathering patterns and the lack of tool marks (see the about and you can always see the man made tool marks).  Here are some that look real, but are in fact naturally occurring:

Nature made anoNature made annoAuthentic


I know, even this one here LOOKS like a face, but is in fact NOT MAN MADE and is the result of a shearing anomaly.

Hard to believe on this one, but mother nature can fool even the best of us. 


Sometime nature will create images that look man made, but they are not.


But notice the lack of tool marks and the obvious weather and erosion formation of these images compared to the starting images.  Once you train your eyes, you can pick out what is real and influenced by the hand of man and what is the result of environmental reasons.


Once again, lets go BACK to looking at proven MAN MADE carvings, symbols, and glyphs marking hidden things:

varasauthenticAuthentica real tomb markerskull carvingauthentic

As you can clearly see with your eyes, when looking at man made and influenced versus nature made and influenced- side by side there is NO MISTAKING WHAT WAS MADE BY MAN and LEFT AS A CODE AND SYMBOL.

REAL AND AUTHENTIC SYMBOLS noting secret, sacred or treasure filled places are NOT subtle, they SCREAM to the viewer LOOK – even a 5 year old child can tell what man made versus what nature made after studying these photos.

Now lets turn our attention back to those TWO FELLOWS who threw away their life savings and families financial security on bad information and training.

One has to be crazy to chase lost history and lost treasures and every family has members that will say “you’re wasting your time” or “you are never going to find anything”.  That is okay, we all have those around us, but you don’t have to be as crazy as running off half cocked filled with misinformation that only waste your time and money.

These two people had one HUGE THING IN COMMON – they both had bought books and trusted people to teach them how to read the symbols, yet the people they trusted were nothing more than cowpokes with a propensity to use Microsoft Paint to doctor photos and then happened to publish their findings in book form and then call themselves Professional Treasure Hunters.

You and I are going to decode their images and see if the are real secrets and symbols, or just wishful thinking.  Here is one of my first rule of thumbs:

1.  IF YOU HAVE to draw lines on it for it to be seen as a symbol, is it MOST LIKELY NOT A SYMBOL

2.  If the ground the symbol is supposedly located on is eroded, then how can an ancient symbol be there in the first place?  Would it not eroded away as well?

Remember, applied LOGIC and COMMON SENSE.  Now lets dissect some images out there for all to see on the Internet from wise – Treasure Symbol Professionals and you see if you can SEE.  And IF you cannot see, then maybe at least you can smell?  Smell the stink on the images.

First, here is the master image that is held out as a treasure site:

Master Image

This is the base image we are going to keep coming back to, because as the “professional” states this is a site of “Skulls, Kings, Queens and vast treasure”.

Now, here is the supposed images buried within the above master photo.  NOTE- outside of obvious erosion that formed in a pyramid shape, there is not anything else I see.

BUT the “Professional” states there are all kind of symbols here.  For sake of clarity, each original native not marked image will be called “Master Image” and the doctored image to help you SEE what the supposed Professional see, I have labeled “Cowboy Con” (because you would have to be a beer chugging, totally drunk cowboy to see ANY of the images notated on the photograph.

So WITHOUT further wait – here are all the supposed images hidden to us who DO NOT know how to read them:

Cowboy Con Image

Now, I do not know about you, but I don’t really SEE what the person noted saw.

So, lets use some common sense and break down the image in a methodical scientific way and SEE what we can really SEE:

FIRST: lest study the knife handle.  The Cowboy Con photo shows a handle and a knife blade.

What do you REALLY SEE WITHOUT the lines added?

knife handle originalknife handle up close

Same photo, not retouched by us, just cropped and placing original next to the “Colored”.  I see NO Knife Handle, and the land is eroded and the slightest wind will move the rocks, as would rain or storms, so why would ANCIENTS leave a mark?  Wouldn’t it stand to reason with all the erosion, that the erosion created the handle ALTHOUGH I CANNOT SEE A HANDLE????

Call me weird, but this looks like the one too many Coronas!


kinfie handle middle nativeknife handle close center

Okay, YES I can see a pyramidal shape, but it is obviously due to erosion.  Anyone can see that, and the slab of rock underneath where the base limestone shows through, but is depicted as a blade, is really just the base rock exposed by erosion.  This is very easy to see.  ADDING a drawn pyramid does not make this a sign or code to something secret.


knife tip nativekinfe handle close tip knife

All too obvious here is the tip is formed by the underlying limestone here being forced down by a basalt intrusion and erosion and thus the illusion of a point.  Looking between the fairly tale draw on photo, compared to the original, one can see the coloration of rock that is tanned above, have broken away and eroded to a pile forming the lower pile that make the grey rock tip to a point.  Very easy to see.  NOT A SYMBOL.  Not a symbol, never was a symbol.


bart barf barf

Once again the native symbol.  Lets look at the so called experts decode once again as well:

bart barf barf 3

Other than drawing a bunch of lines on a photo and saying they are codes and treasures, LOOK FOR YOURSELF.

It is plan to see there is noting here and this is eroded soil on a mountain or cliff side and piled up.


If you were hiding secrets or codes, would they be obviously carved in stone as the listed photos at the start of this blog, or would you have done them in eroded soil?

1.  If the soil is eroded you can’t find the symbols 100’s or even 1000’s of years later

2.  If you were not smart enough to carve real symbols, and IF you even did bury something here, HOW COULD you find it once again after every trace erode away?  YOU CAN’T

Lesson to be learned:

1.  Do you research and compare everything

2.  Use common sense and logic when SEEING CODES

3.  If it has to be drawn on to SHOW YOU, then it was NEVER THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE

4.  Before y0u waste your hard earned money chasing treasure, make sure treasure is real, the symbols are real an your facts are solid.


If you really want to learn how to read and decode treasure symbols, here are our two text books on the subject:

Amazon Best SellerSelf Study Workbook for Textbook




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