Cracking Cryptic Codes to find Treasures? Do Codes Lead to Fantastic Fortunes? #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

Indiana Jones, Nation Treasure and even Lara Croft-Tomb Raider, they ALL have to solve secret codes and symbols to find not only the huge payday but also to find their way to the payday in the first place!  You know, you have seen and most likely love those movies as well, but are such secret codes really real?

Yes, secret codes that lead to treasure are real.  But do you know why they are real?  The phenomena is called a “Cache of Duress”.

What is a Cache of Duress?  In my books teaching people about the in’s, out’s and secrets of successful treasure hunting I talk about the different types of Caches.  BTW, it is pronounced CASH not Cash-shey – Cash-shey is akin to a French perfume snifter made of cloth, and when I hear people held out on TV as treasure experts say CASH-SHEY for Cache – I cringe.  ANYWAY…..

One type of Cache is a Cache of Convenience – that is the type where the old farmer does not trust banks, so it is “Convenient” for him to sock away his gold coins in a post hole bank (post hole bank – pull out a fence post, drop in the coins, put the fence post back).  On the other hand there is a Cache of Duress.

Duress:  refers to a situation whereby a person performs an act as a result of violence, threat or other pressure against the person.

Thus IF you understand the TYPE of Cache, then you can better FIND THE CACHE.  So, lets look at Cache of Duress since it DIRECTLY relates to secret codes.

If you are searching for Treasure  that was hidden by an individual who was under duress, i.e., running for their life, then chances are they buried it fast and hastily; without much preparation.  Thus MAY be easier to find, but is not usually hidden well and deep and thus it is  subject to weather, wild animals and floods disturbing it.

However, when you look at a Country, Treasury or Military Cache of Duress, they tend to know the enemy is coming in advance and they get prepared by hiding the cache well, deep and in not so obvious places – AND THIS is where secret codes come in.  ALL armies and government use secret codes to hide information from the enemies and as such the same codes are used to hide payrolls, movement of bank funds such as gold and the hiding of Crown Jewels and such.  Here is where knowing how to crack codes and recognize patterns come into play.

6 Fascinating Unsolved Mysteries

Involving Cryptic Messages

code 1



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