Secrets Hidden Deep – More is HIDDEN than has ever been FOUND! #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

The ocean covers 71 percent of the Earth’s surface and contains 97 percent of the planet’s water, yet more than 95 percent of the underwater world remains unexplored and it is within that 95% yet to be explored where the answers of our collective ancient history will be found.
LIKE USOften I write about our collective “HIDDEN HISTORY” and I use that term (not only as a title for my new series of books) as a euphemism for how the “system” has hidden much of what is real about our collective history.
When growing up, we thought Space was the new frontier, but in reality there is a new frontier right before us and it is all that is underwater. In fact, aside from the technology industry, some of the best opportunities today for the college age (and high school aged) to start migrating towards are the emerging technologies that support exploration such as Drones, UAVs and Underwater ROVs. Technology is now key to successful exploration.
But nothing replaces the ability to out the touch, vision, reasoning and thinking of a man (as in human) in those extreme environments and the technology is advancing fast. In fact, just today I was shown how the action Camera GoPro now has an add-on product which is a titanium underwater case and it will support the camera down to a depth just short of TWO MILES UNDERWATER. That is impressive.
Here is an interesting fact most people do not know: just 10,000 years ago, the various coastal line and beaches were almost 600 feet further our (or down however you choose to look at it). Yes, the oceans as we know them today are almost 600 feet higher (or the water 600 feet deeper than it was 10,000 years ago). Here is an interactive link you can use to see how much land can be consumed with rising sea levels:
florida underwater contextProving the point ancient coast lines were totally different, did you know the Forrest of Alabama during ancient times were farther out? By that I mean, the now underwater forest is 10 miles out form the current shorelines. Look at this first picture I am posting and you can see how Florida at one time was 200% its current known size. That should prove there is MORE to find underwater that we know. Just as today, people have always gathered near shorelines to make settlements and as such, many ancient settlements and cities are hidden under water.
You get my point – more is to found underwater than on dry land. So, to give you a peak at what lay beneath the water line, let’s look at some fantastic dive and cenote dive photos from the Yucatan. Also, before I post these wonderful photos and so you have some background of our various teams, here is our dive team; Echo Team- here is their expertise, responsibilities and their background:


FROG: Echo Team Leader – Cacheologist, Dive Master- Expert Cave Diver – Underwater Recovery Expert- Deep Water Diver – River/Lake Recovery – Water Recon – Weapons Expert – Team Paramedic -Underwater Search and Rescue – Archaeological Scene Investigation – Intelligence Officer- Personal Protection and Weapons Defense Expert- Nitrox Diver

Echo Team _ Frog

Frog has 30 years of public safety training and experience. Former US Army airborne infantry, high threat protection contractor with Blackwater. Paratrooper, Former Police Corporal/Sergeant, criminal investigation division , firearms instructor, range master, World Record Holder for the longest open water scuba, military and police field training officer, hostage negotiator, detective, shift supervisor, criminal intelligence officer, firearms and tactics instructor, and fatality collision investigator.
FLASH: Echo Team – Underwater Cacheological Historian- Dive Master – Underwater Documentation – Underwater Researcher – Underwater Photographer- Advanced Deep Water Diver- Nitrox Diver – Advanced Archeology Diver – Expert Caver Diver – Underwater Recovery Expert – Underwater Search and Rescue, Weapons Expert

Echo Team- Flash

Flash founding member of SMART and a 14+ year veteran of law enforcement- retired. Corporal on patrol, collision investigator and reconstruction expert and a member of the fatality collision investigation team. Advanced, Scientific, Archeology, AI, Nitrox, Underwater Archeology, and full Cave diver certifications. Member of the International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery Team. Received the police “Life Saving Medal” for saving the life of an unconscious recreational scuba diver in 1999 and inductee to Women’s Hall of Fame.

Dive 1

Dive 2

Dive 3

Dive 4


Dive 6

gold n rulesDive 7Dive 7Dive 8Dive 9Dive 10Dive 11Dive 12Dive 13


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