What I Learned Hunting Oak Island – Facts, Fictions, Fanatical Fans and $190m SPENT! #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

For over 219 years men have tried to solve the riddle of Oak Island and it comes down to one two things: (1) Why so little results? (2) Why the unique engineering efforts? It is the baffling contrast of these two things, which keep this mystery such an engaging mystery. Is everyone ever involved in Oak Island and it’s legendary quest just total-bat-shit-crazy? What would obsesses men so much they would nudge up against the spending of over $190,000,0000 (in modern dollar equivalents) to keep trying to crack this enigma? IS it and WAS IT all for naught?

One hundred and ninety million dollars is quite the expenditure to attempt to solve Oak Island. Was a bit of a gold chain, or parchment and a few odd coins worth it?

Then again, how can one gauge the quenching of a thirst for knowledge or a thirst for history in mere dollars?

1901245_1596576600556956_6706889725755534359_nJust walking onto Oak Island was awe-inspiring and in many ways a spiritual adventure. One could sense, deep in their bones, they were walking upon ground that was special and at the same time a mysterious maiden. Ground which has been tormented and violated so much, but still not willing to regurgitate her deepest secrets. What made and makes this place Oak Island so special?

My own mind has come to believe the ground and story is infused with something very special and hard to extinguish – that of deep-seated passion, unbreakable will and the powerful thoughts and words of passionate men. So how best to explain this idea of the effect of “deep seated passion and the unbreakable will of mankind”?

Think about this: Dan Blankenship has been at solving Oak Island for 50 years straight! Look at the negative comments, ridicule, and mockery he has endured at the hands of the press all around the glove over those 50 years. But now, the story is becoming something else. One now sees the press turning and people starting to realize there really is something special about Oak Island. However, before the last two years, Oak Island has been mostly the butt of a bad joke and an example of “wasting ones time, money, resources and life”. Yet the saga continues. Many detractors and unlimited critics, but so much potential promise – it will come down to the bitter end to see who is on the proverbial “right side of the fence”. There is a reason; there is a cycle here to point out, so bear with me for a moment.


There is a little known study which can express how “mankind’s thoughts effect their surrounding environment”. Masaru Emoto shared this secret with me personally, and many times we dialoged over a great distance; being as I am an ardent and passionate supporter and admirer of his work.

Ma81FUKQDSu8Lsaru Emoto (江本 勝 Emoto Masaru, July 22, 1943 – October 17, 2014) was a Japanese author and entrepreneur, who both claimed and then evidenced, that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Emoto’s theory evolved over the years, and his early work explored then verified through tests, his theory that water could react to positive thoughts and words, and that polluted water could be cleaned through prayer and positive visualization. Below is a picture of his work (please get a copy it will change your life) and a second photo, which will both inspire and scare you beyond belief.

Masaru put forth that “words, both spoken and written, could change ones environment”. His method for testing his theory was to as follows: Emoto claimed that different water sources would produce different crystalline structures when frozen. For example, he claimed that a water sample from a mountain stream when frozen would show structures of beautifully-shaped geometric design, but those structures would be distorted and randomly formed if the sample were taken from a polluted water source. Of course, as with anyone defying science or standing traditions, Masaru was vilified by the scientific community and harangued to give up his science methods to others (yes someone prompting focus on the good was badgered to death as being bad).

In simple NON-SCIENTIFIC TERMS: Take a molecule of water, freeze it in an instant and under intense magnification, crystalline structures would appear BUT WITH A TWIST – whatever the droplet was exposed to, either in sounds, words or even writing, the form of the crystal would mutate. SEE THE PHOTO BELOW


Pretty amazing, and even more astounding considering our planet is 71% water and our bodies are about 71% water at birth and can vary in our lifetimes between 55% and 78%. THINK ABOUT THAT WHEN YOU LOOK AT THE PHOTOS!

Masaru’s work tells me the following “WE DO IT TO OURSELVES!” If words, images of words, audible things, written things and spoken things can so drastically change a molecule of water from something of impeccable beauty to something fungus like, creepy at worst and shattered apart at best; then imagine how this effect US AND OUR ENVIRONMENT?


If Masaru’s work is even partially correct, then imagine just how much “faith, amazing thoughts, and passionate human will and will power” Oak Island has absorbed! And Oak Island is saturated with water and is an island! The place emits power!

But before the Island and the spoiler, lets visit the other side of the equation.

Anyone who is a friend of mine or has worked with me knows I have had a wide and varied career and one of the hallmarks of such is I strongly believe in the adage “If you can think it you can do it!” Negative thinking and such is just not part of my fiber and thus I will dare to dream and take on challenges most would never attempt.

spielbergLate in my career I shifted from Television and Marketing to Technology and sought to undertake a huge endeavor. Connecting the physical world to the virtual word with the connective gateway of a simple bar code and special bar codes. It was an amazing adventure with some of the best partners in the world: NBC, ABC, Coke, Scripts Howard, Microsoft, Intel, Tommy Hilfiger, Mitt Romney, Steven Spielberg and countless others.

It was a new idea; a new innovative frontier and we were forcing the old medias (newspapers, magazines and broadcasting) to enter the new frontier of online, social media and connectivity. Needless to say, when you have thousands of employees, offices in Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, London and Hong Kong you not only have a huge reach, but also you have tremendoucuecatzap1s exposure (both good and bad). But to make the dream happen, we had to take bold steps and do what others were not willing to do, i.e., force the old media system to embrace the new world of the Internet. We made a difference and we made many detractors – especially in the media. For every media outlet that embraced my innovative technology there were 10 that did not accept it, thus the only thing they could do was bash it- because to bash the technology was to bash their direct competitors who had embraced the change.

Needless to say, both my technology and myself were mercilessly attacked. To make a very long story short, the stock markets buckled, my company had a $7m a month capital burn rate, we did not make our public offering and then 9/11 happened – bankers lost, associates lost, friends lost and the markets lost with a total evaporation of the capital markets. My company went down in a spectacular spiral of flames. A real technology titanic (to use a Nova Scotia example).

Not only the flames of 9/11 or destructions, but also the flames of online flame wars:

[A flame war is a heated argument between two individuals, that results in those involved posting personal attacks on each other during or instead of debating the topic at hand. Most forums have rules that forbid flaming. This is because the quality of conversation on a forum can be seriously degraded by a flame war. Topics can be “hijacked” by two people who would rather flame each other than discuss the subject of the thread.]

Needless, the worst that could be said, was said online and to boot, those who did not adopt our revolutionary technology, which was forcing old media to change and become new media, had their heyday taking shots and hacks at me. Not a pretty site and nothing I would wish on my worst enemy.

But one-thing flame wars, and those who spew misinformation, hate and half-truths bent on destruction can never conquer is “absolute truth”. Oak Island and my very own tempered by fire technology experience have and had an “absolute truth”. My technology flame out helped me understand and bring discovery to Oak Island. Here is a little context.

If you read the online flame wars about my technology patents, my dream for a connected world; you would of initially read of my “innovative new company and technology” and then after the company went down about “stupidest invention ever”, “dumbest company ever”, “product was a flop” and many more worse things. Why the swing from “this guy is a genius, to this is the worst invention ever”? It is simple, people tend to hedge their bets and no one really wants to out on a limb – because they are afraid of falling.

Fear of failure makes people hop on what ‘seems” to be the winning bandwagon-at the moment.

group banner

But let some time go by and when there is “absolute truth” involved, that truth always rises to the top and all the naysayers are proven wrong. Lesson – haters never win. They can hate and be very, very toxic; but in the end they (the haters) are the losers. They will find something new to hate, someone new to hate and a reason to hate. Why? Most psychologists will tell you it is because they hate THEIR LIVES and THEIR BEING and are usually beating on themselves for their very own lack of accomplishments, therefor they have a need to drag down, beat down and try to knock those in the limelight from the limelight. How do I know this is true?

Bill Gates was hated in the hardware world for thinking that software was the real key to the flourishing of the hardware. Steve Jobs was hated for thinking hardware could be design minded, easy to use (most, at the time, equated “hard to use and operate” proved “you were smart” and worthy).   Steve designed for the user and not the geek and took tremendous heat for it.

Explorers, Adventurers, Treasure Hunters and History Seekers take the same heat and ridicule. They are called all kinds of names, made fun of, made a mockery of and ridiculed from head to toe, but what the detractors are really saying is:

  1. “I wish I had the career you have!”
  2. “I wish my life was exciting!”
  3. “I wish I had a dream to dream!”
  4. “I wish I had the guts to adventure and leave the safety of a regular paycheck!”
  5. “I wish people talked about ME and what I am doing!”

It is easy to see the pattern. Hating on people is easy, supporting people’s dreams and encouraging dreamers to dream is a risk! How is it a risk for a bystander? Because when you dream with the dreamer and for the dreamer you are putting yourself out there as well and you too, want to see those you support succeed and you don’t want your hater friends to tell you; “See I told you so!” and laugh at you for believing in someone elses dream.

It is TIME, which is the eventual supporter of those who take risks. It is the lot of the explorer to the innovator to be misunderstood by contemporaries and to be heralded in the future as time passes.

As time marches on it is my strong believe (and I posses inside knowledge) Dan Blankenship and his 50 year quest will be the tipping point that changes history and causes a cascade of support for those on the new cutting edge of exploration and correcting history.

Scanning QR code with mobile phoneAs for me? Here I am a full 20 years after my initial development of my scan commerce and scan to connect technology idea and 17 years after deployment and even though the company went down in flames and the haters hated to the extreme, there are now 2.5 BILLON GLOBAL daily users of my scan to connect and scan commerce technologies and patents. Now one sees the unique codes on almost every retail product, flyer and brochure and everyone knows you can now just snap a photo with your cell phone of any barcode and find information, savings or promotions for the very product in your hand. So was it the “dumbest invention ever” or the “stupidest idea ever”? Only if you think there are 2.5 billion daily users of stupid around the globe and that every company that deploys a scan enable code is doing so because they too, are stupid.

Is Dan Blankenship stupid or wasting his time over the last 50 years? Are Rick and Marty Lagina and their partner Craig Testor idiots and wasting their time and money chasing a pipe dream?

To read in the Facebook Groups and see the comments, one will see the tremendous support for the brothers and the quest on Oak Island, but at the same time one sees a surge of posters who comment very negative and hurtful things about the brothers, the search, Dan and family and the steps being taken to attempt to solve the mystery of Oak Island. But, WHO really is the disconnected one here?  Those such as Rick, Marty, Dave, Dan, Jack and others who put it all out there for the world to see and put their lives and dreams under a microscope for all to see in the pursuit of a fantastic dream of “what if”? Or are the real disconnected ones the people who hate the idea, hate the hunt, hate the search, hate the idea and hate those who dream about Oak Island YET – THEY INTENTIONALLY JOIN THE SUPPORT GROUPS FOR OAK ISLAND?

Think about that! They HATE the very idea, thought, and process, some of the people or all of the people YET they JOIN THE ONLINE SUPPORT GROUPS for the idea and dream! How whacked is that? In truth, it is not whacked as much as it is a way of getting attention for themselves and drawing attention to themselves.

In conclusion, it takes a particular type of person to hunt lost history, bet their savings on a potential lost treasure and to commit their lives to chasing the unseen and unproven. It is not for the weak of heart and the weak of will or constitution. It also takes a special kind of person to support the dreams of others and to send well wishes, and positive thoughts to those putting it all out there and on the line.


There are two more episodes of “Curse of Oak Island”, it is my prediction (from first hand knowledge) that you are going to see many haters and naysayers “change their tunes” when it comes to Oak Island being a folly, sink hole or empty black hole.

thecurseofoakisland_2014_danblankenship-EYou are going to see a sequence where the “telling moment” in time will come when you see the man that matters the most in this – Dan Blankenship’s – and his eyes light up and see his thoughts, dreams and visions come into clear focus as he gains for what may be the very first time the “irrefutable, undeniable, not debatable, visual and verifiable proof” of what he has maintained for 50 years. The smile on his face, the light in his eyes and his words at that moment of reveal, made every second I spent on Oak Island worth it and had made every flame war I have been forced to fight with naysayers and detractors worth it.

As time now drifts into 2015 you are going to begin to witness an unfolding of events which will set into motion a complete rewriting of history as we know it. You were here and you witnessed it happen. You can say decades from now that “you saw it happen with your own eyes” and your children and grand children will proudly say “When all these people around the world thought the guys on Oak Island for all those 219 years were nuts, my folks (grandparents, great grandparents) were loyal supporters and just knew Oak Island was monumental!

Just as the Movie TOP GUN inspired many to join the Navy or Indiana Jones inspired many to pursue archaeology or art history, the “Curse of Oak Island” is going to be the tipping point to inspire a whole generation of youth to adore, explore and chase history with passion. I know this to be true, because I was there!

P.S. Take one more look at Masaru Emoto photographic evidence of his discovery and ask yourself the following:

  1. Is what we say important?
  2. Is how we say it important?
  3. Do I create “crystals of wonder” in myself and the world around me?

In 2015, think about your words and their impact on all that see and read them! WORDS MEAN THINGS and WORDS MATTER!




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