How To Lose Friends and Infuriate People. Oak Island on Television! #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

How To Lose Friends and Infuriate People. Oak Island on Television!


History ignites passionate conversations, almost as passionate as politics or religion. People who love history tend to have passionate views and usually have no qualms about getting engaged in passionate dialog about history.  Intense passion and hard line views are to be expected when people, especially when people from different cultures, states and even countries; gather interconnected thanks for the Internet. What brings up this same passionate fire? Treasure and lost history hunting. When we began opening up our files, experiences and expertise to sharing on the Internet, we came to find “treasure legends” and “lost history” can be as charged of a discussion as those surrounding religion or politics.

People, especially within Social Media and Internet Groups, are passionate about their views on lost treasure and lost history as much as they are about their religions and political affiliations.

Now you want to take something that easily ignites and turn it into a booming blowtorch?

 Just combine these topics: History+Treasure Legend+Relegion+Lost History and Multiple Foreign Countries; and you have a topic which can get pretty heated and passionate. Now there is a great TV show idea, right?

Oh, wait- there is a TV series like that, Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel.

Curse of Oak Island, talk about a passion, an igniter and something, which can turn into a blowtorch in an instant! For over 219 years this legend has been festering into an eruption of volcanic proportions. In one treasure legend, you have all the polarizing topics mentioned above, but it also brings people together. Over the last few months is has been very interesting to watch the social media groups grow in members (by several hundred percent) in the groups which gather to share, discuss, debate and debone the mystery known as Oak Island.  What is even more interesting is to see the connective threads, which bind the members of these groups together. But as interesting as the connective binds are, those binds can be ripped apart by personal views and opinions. These groups can become a place where people lose friends and infuriate people.

This part of this story is very personal for me. A long-standing friend on Facebook, after watching the last episode (Episode 9 of 10 for Season Two) – where our TreasureForce/Expedition History Dive Team Echo Team started their dive on the famous Oak Island 10x. This friend posted on my page the following comment after the airing of the episode:

  •  “Not cool… Done with it. This is corporate machine TV. You’re a part of it when you make excuses. No replies needed. Your minions will jump up and down with joy…not this guy.”

Wow, talk about a stinging post. Here is someone I consider a friend, have tremendous respect for, truly care about this person’s online friendship and ZAP; in a flash this friendship is lost. What was the disconnect or issue? The Episode NOT showing what we found and my friend not understanding we do not get to see nor approve the edits and when I share that with him, he basically called me a liar and posted the above. I felt like a hot knife stabbing into my gut. Something I cannot control on the TV end and I (just like him) am just as passionate about getting the REAL TRUTH OUT!

Over the last few weeks, I could tell the tempers were flaring and could see people morphing into something different. Words became harsher; the answers became shorter, curter and sometimes cutting. Why?

Reflecting on this it came to me that the series Curse of Oak Island is one TV Program that has all these “igniter elements” in one series:

  1.  History
  2. Treasure Legend
  3. Religion
  4. Lost History
  5. Multi-Cultural
  6. And, last but not least – 219 of frustration of no solid answers to the mystery

Do not get me wrong, I am NOT trying to paint this as a bad thing, it’s a passionate thing, but the manifestations of how the “passion and frustration” come out are an interesting study in human nature. People are FUSTRATED and Curse of Oak Island has hit a deeps seated wounded nerve.

Let’s look at each one of the “igniter elements” within The Curse of Oak Island and see if we can deduce what causes them to become flash points.

  1. History – Everyone has a stake in history and we have found overwhelmingly people around the globe KNOW that we have all been lied to about History, all throughout history.   We can see this frustration coming out in people engaging over Oak Island. People know and can feel that Oak Island is (as we maintain) a tipping point in the history of mankind. They can sense something big is coming and they feel the news, facts and information is just not coming out fast enough. On top of that frustration and anticipation, is the knowledge that “whatever is recovered from Oak Island may in the end may be taken over by the government and the news or details of the discovery may never see the light of day, due to their controversial nature.” You can see how this is a potential flashpoint.
  2.  Treasure Legend – In our work as professional lost treasure and lost history hunters we have found people to be as passionate about their own ideas as to what is or is not the “actual story” of any particular legend and if you do not concur, they can get pretty upset with you. For example, you should see when people read our posts and white papers that “The Lost Dutchman Mine” never existed. We have to be careful when we post that because the computer screen can heat up so much with all the squabbling that the papers on your desk could ignite! And remember this – Oak Island and its mystery go back longer and deeper so the passions may be ever greater!
  3. Religion – Boy, talk about a touchy subject and there is very little way (even with disclaimers and such warnings as “this is not a religious discussion but a scholarly discussion”) not to inflame a post and it still gets out of hand. With Curse of Oak Island, it is hard at times to discuss the potential of Holy Relics or the Ark of the Covenant being part of the Oak Island Mystery and not have people get “religiously defensive”. Case and Point: Another group member with some group credibility posted “The Ark could not be on Oak Island, since it is in heaven” and then started posting scripture verses. From a scientific standpoint, a response was posted (by me) that using the Book Of Revelations as the answer to where the Ark is now located, might need to be reconsidered since the Book of Revelations was written over 700 years after the disappearance of the Ark and the John who wrote the Book of Revelations was not the John with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, but a John who lived and wrote the book about 100 years AFTER the death of Jesus the Christ. Thus the attacking of me ensued and the original poster of the religious quotes and post DEMANDED an apology from me, even after my response included a disclaimer “that is was not a religious post but a scholarly fact”. Of course all kinds of people in the Oak Island group reprimanded the poster for posting religious materials in a treasure group and the flame war ensued. As for me, I have only blocked or unfriended two people from my association for what could be construed for religious reasons. One for posting a photo of his 4-year-old son urinating on the Flag of Israel. Was it because I support Israel or because I am a Jew? No, it is because that was the wrong indoctrination of an innocent child to hate over a symbol, religion or culture.  The other was a Muslim friend who posted a wall photo of severed heads hanging on fence post in the Middle East supporting cutting off heads in the name of religion. Those I can’t stand for, but to each their own religion. Unfriended and gone.
  4. Lost History – Lost history by default seems to be history that has not be lost but has been hidden or shelved by mankind since it conflicts with approved doctrine. Think of how many myths of the past are regularly and rapidly being proven as absolute fact. Thus, I feel people know they have been continually lied to about our collective history and there is a deep-seated mistrust of the government, the church and institutions over this deception and the their support of forbidden truths and hidden history. An educated citizens pent up anger of this comes out in online group discussions regarding all that we have lost of our collective history.
  5. Multi-Cultural Differences – Oak Island has a huge fan base and that fan base is all across the globe and represents many different countries.   When the discussions turn political or religious then the multi-cultural beliefs come into play. A great example are people in socialist countries commenting when, say someone in the USA, states a mistrust in government and the citizen on the other side of the planet states that government should control everything for its citizens. BOOM- FLAMES!
  6. 219 years – Now take all the above, combined with over 219 years of what seems to be perpetual unanswered questions and you can see the powder keg AND how people flock to this bright light like a moth to a flame.

For me, it is exciting as a History Author to see so many people getting reengaged over history and rediscovering how fascinating History can be when one starts to do a little digging combined with a lot of questioning.


History on TV is better served as being called “Entertainment History as Television Programming”. Very little TV purporting History is really about putting forth history that shows all the real facts, figures and players involved. If you don’t believe this look up in TV scheduling just how many TV programs you can still watch about Columbus’ Discovery of America.

Television Programmers, Producers and Executives are still subject to two things:

  1. Their own biased personal belief systems, and;
  2. The sickness of Political Correctness over Historical Correctness.

Until people start demanding that “Historical Truth” become THE standard, then Historical SCI-Fi will still be the norm (Sci-Fi: acronym for Systematically Corrupted Identification and Falsified Identification of History and Historical Objects). Reports of new finds come out daily yet they are still systematically identified with old, antiquated and absolute corrupt definitions of what they are, who they came from and what they stand for. Today we need to start standing for and more important fighting for the TRUTH!

This need to FIGHT FOR TRUTH became intensely apparent for us, both as an exploration team and Authors/Publishers when we brought tremendous research to the table of the War Room on Curse of Oak Island, yet what was shown and divulged on TV was 1/75th of what we evidenced.


ONLY 1/75th of the newly discovered facts about Oak Island made it to your television set. Why is that? Mostly because TV is an entertainment medium and not an educational medium, and by that I mean the following: the show in questions needs ALL viewers, i.e., disbelievers, Spanish Treasure believers, Pirate Treasure Believers, Templar Believers, Alien Hidden Base Believers, Naysayers, Evangelists, Church Gold, Natural Gold and even Fools Gold believers to stay tuned. Thus offering an answer- a final answer is the polar opposite of programming goals.

Realizing this is how the system works, we were forced to write Solomon’s Secret and to detail the over 8000 pages of research we brought to the Curse of Oak Island. The real history is what has to be reported and as we have always said, Oak Island is the tipping point in history, which may get the world to stand up, be counted and take notice and demand HISTORICAL TRUTH.

We felt so strongly about Solomon’s Secret that we released a pre-order kit (limited to 1000 numbered editions), which includes 6 hours of audio inside secrets, teachings, and things you never got to hear on TV. This was the only way we could get the whole story out and educate people so that the story- the real history- can be told. We did only 1000 special edition kits and they are almost gone. It is those 1000 progressive and knowledge hungry who are going to have the full story and the inside story so they in turn can start evangelizing the world and changing the world one person at a time. (BTW, hurry the total 1000 allotted is almost gone).


You, just as my team and I, are very worried about the real truth behind Oak Island, what it is, who was there, why they were there and what it means to our collective history; and that it is going to be buried, covered up, government controlled, church confiscated and never make it into the history books, much less your own personal knowledge base.


The real story is TOO EXPLOSIVE, too history changing and there are trillions of dollars in claims at stake over the revealing of the real truth. Maybe one day all the truth and findings will be told, but do not expect it to be told on TV, that is NOT what entertainment TV does.

The ONLY way for the real truth and information to come out is INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS take the step to learn the truth, then start sharing the truth with others and then ALL OF US TOGETHER fighting for truth and hopefully starting a REVOLUTION FOR TRUTH.

However THERE IS A HUGE COST, aside from the coming War over History.

On this bit of history in particular – as it relates to what was really discovered on and around the famous Oak Island – is going to cost ALL involved or engaged in learning and sharing the real true history.

 What is that cost? You are going to LOSE FRIENDS and INFURIATE PEOPLE!

Truth has a price and the human condition is currently “knowledge is bliss” and when you start awakening people, opening their eyes to what has been hidden from them there are going to be those you piss off and they will turn on you in a heartbeat. They will try to call you out, attack your credibility and will call you the vilest of names. Some of the people will be your friends; some may be as close as your family. People you considered friends WILL start falling by the wayside and cutting you off.

Now you know why the name of this story is “How to Lose Friends and Infuriate People”, simply because ignorance is bliss and if you JOIN THE FIGHT FOR TRUTH and take steps to learn the truth and then start evangelizing those truths, YOU WILL start upsetting people who do not want to know the truth or as the saying goes “Cannot Handle The Truth!”

Please join us and FIGHT FOR TRUTH! Get educated, get the real story and truth from the SOURCES digging it up and putting it out there. You can make a historical difference when you are armed with the truth!

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