350-Foot Deep Tomb and Megalithic Structures Found on Oak Island! #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

You are now one with odds of 40,000 to 1 to possess this inside information about Oak Island and below you will read how you are really the one of “528,000 to 1” odds of knowing this information. New discoveries on Oak Island are rapidly emerging and the newest information released by History Channel is the footage and facts regarding ancient rock structures on Oak Island made from rocks NOT NATIVE to the surface of Oak Island but come from a nearby Island and 350 BELOW the surface of Oak Island. [NOTE: Detailed annotated photographs accompany the embedded videos in this article. You will find the photos at the end of this article.]

movement of monoliths

When we started our investigations on Oak Island instead of dealing with what artifacts had already been found, we started with two things:

(1)What the island itself would tell us upon investigation, and;

(2) What the native history and lost stories and wisdom would tell us about what went on hundreds, even thousands of years ago.

Our work literally began just yards outside the War Room you see on “Curse of Oak Island”. Literally feet away from the door we spotted a native glacial rock, which displayed signs of being worked by the hands of man and contained symbols not identified before. From there we moved several yards up hill and came to what is known as the McGinnins Foundation (in this sense, foundation means the stones used to build the foundation and/or basement of one of the original land owners home on the Island).

When inspecting the McGinnis Foundation we found many things. Numerous rocks have ancient symbols on them, many matching those known to have been on the 90 Foot Stone, however some of the symbols were slightly obscured which means “they existed on the rocks BEFORE” they were repurposed as building materials. Next, what stuck out like a huge sore infected thumb was NOT all the stones were native stones from on surface of Oak Island. Oak Island is comprised mostly of Glacial Till and Boulders (see photo) this means that in the time of the ice age the boulders where push and tilled in the receding edge and made to be ROUND. Many of the foundation stones were CUT; ancient style man made cuts from large 1000 and 2000 pound stones NOT from the island. Look at this first part of the video released from History on our starting investigation of the McGinnis Foundations stones (play video)


As we pointed out to Charles, these rocks DO NOT come from topside, so what’s the real story? Remember for our team we do not care about 1795 forward and those finds, we care about 1795 backwards in time, so NOW we have a solid ancient clue which was over looked by previous searchers. These videos that accompany our story here are part of History Channels bonus footage and segments for the Episode called “The Eight Pointed Star”.

So now we know we have ancient monolithic stones, NOT native to Oak Island and NOT cut by the original island owners, so we must answer- “Where do these Monolithic stones originate from?” The Answer? Two Places: (1) 350 feet below where we are standing (according to the Canadian Provence’s geologists and his report), and; (2) From an island not too far from Oak Island itself. (Watch bonus footage two as we move along in this forensic investigation)

Interesting point, while investigating the origins of these monolithic rocks we discovered a “hidden, mostly underground, rock structure; which no one seemed to of have noticed and recorded in previous generations”. How can someone miss and entire – multi room huge monolith stone structure on Oak Island? The answer is easy to figure out. Everyone was looking for “Pirate” oriented clues when this whole thing began and anything not smacking of Pirate they ignored and were oblivious to. Here were some of the very specific clues the Island was sharing willingly on her own, and no one was paying attention.

Before we move on to the THIRD VIDEO CLIP, lets ask ourselves a few questions.

Why are there stones from 350 deep within Oak Island, out ON TOP of Oak Island?

Who would have cut these stones, but more importantly; who would have possessed the skills to not only cut and move these stones, but KNOW HOW TO GET THEM FROM 350 BELOW THE SURFACE?

These stone where cut using a very ancient method (a method known to have been originated in the Middle East). So how did someone on the island or visiting the Island learn this method?

How did who ever cut the stones, transport the multi thousand pound stones to the top or from a greater distance?

If these stones did come from 350 feet BELOW the Island, then set aside cutting and think of this – WHY were they cut from 350 below the surface? What is in the void left in its place?

Now lets watch the investigations THIRD VIDEO and see where it takes us.

So as you can see, Beast from my team, Charles and Tony and I head over to the island known as Mash and Little Mash. These islands are tricky since they disappear when the high tide comes in, but they are huge ancient clues since all across the top of this appearing and disappearing island (if you were not looking at the right time of day the whole island disappears and you would not know it is there), are the very types of stone USED monolithic style ON OAK ISLAND, but you can clearly see this little island was where the ancient stones were cut (as evidenced by the rock shards). Now watch the last video segment of this forensic investigation about the origins of the Oak Island mystery rocks.

As you can see, this tiny island shows exact matches of the cut rocks on Oak Island (yes we did the forensic testing) and there is was a different treasure hunter researching the island who believed this island might hold clues to finds either a tunnel system or back door to Oak Island. The cut rocks and the rocks present within the McGinnis foundation do prove some validity to this theory.

There is no way on a TV series one can bring about all the research and information. As you can see from the video, we found numerous ancient symbols, which MATCHED those found on Oak Island, the H/O Stone and the 90-foot stone. Coincidences? We think not.

Here are a few more juicy tidbits we wrote about.

Back at the beginning of the Oak Island mystery there used to stand a stone carved statue upon this little island called Mash. One hand embracing the sea entrance and one, with pointing finger pointing back at Oak Island, but what is most important is – remember the story we told about an ancient trip from long ago coming to Oak Island with important artifacts?   Well, that statue, fitting the same description as the one said to be on Mash existed but was said to have one hand pointing from the direction of origin (Pillar of Hercules) and the other hand with a pointing finger pointed in the exact direction of Nova Scotia. Coincidences? We think not.


For a little more juice, so to speak. The Church and Ruling Class deemed the ancient statue, which was found on the opposite side of the Atlantic, heretical and thus they sent an expedition to locate it and destroy it. Only pieces where left as physical evidence to the historical tale. It is interesting to note, the EXACT SAME THING happened to the statue on this small island leading to Oak Island.

As you can read, there is more, so much more to the true tale of Oak Island and its importance to the history of mankind.

We have always maintained that Nova Scotia has the most to gain in the telling of this forgotten history and we believe it will greatly magnify the Nova Scotia tourist business. We are excited for the story to come out.

We were asked a few questions like, “when will the kindle version be out?” and that will not be for more than a year come this March. Why? We have to wait for the series end (globally) to release the book and even with a kindle version, there is no way for you to get all the information and facts you need to know and that is why this initial pre-order kit is so important.

Aside from the fact we limited it to 1000 units (They are going fast and won’t last much longer now) is because to be fully educated and learn the process we went through to make the discoveries and in turn be able to share and evangelize the message of this historical code cracking and time line of events, you need the full kit.

As the videos show, there is much not known and even more mysterious than you could ever imagine about Oak Island and its deep-rooted mystery. An Island with structures made of rock, which only occurs, from 350 feet below the island? Monolithic stones and structures and ancient symbols everywhere?

Now consider this, ONLY the ancient Tomb Builders were known to tunnel deep and remove monoliths from below to make rooms inside rock!

Oak Island is the tipping point for the changing of History as we know it and you can be part of it and help fight for truth in history by supporting our efforts and research to bring the full story out and not have one moment of it hidden from you, the world or the future generations. This is BIG PLEASE help us spread the word!

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  2. Sandi Schroder

    I LOVE the Oak Island TV show. Please keep filming and come back on soon…. Plus I LOVE the U.P., so the fact that Rick and Marty are connected to the U.P. is even better….. ❤ Oak Island!


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