Murdering History – Killing the truth and hiding the facts! #GoXplrr Hutton Pulitzer

How to kill the truth by Hutton Pulitzer – Jackson, Wyoming

When history is hidden through deliberate acts of destruction (both physical and reputation wise) the world loses, but in a modern society are acts of destruction still carried out in order to keep history hidden and the truth forbidden? Read along and let me know what you think.

Assassination is the deliberate killing of a prominent person or political figure, usually for payment or political reasons and such is usually prompted by religious, political, or military motives; an act usually done for financial gain, or for a desire to acquire fame or notoriety.  We tend to only think of the use of the word assassinate when it comes to the killing of people, but it is one of the oldest methods for killing history as well. Long ago, Politicians, the Ruling Class and the Church learned that murdering history and ones professional reputation is just as useful of a tool for control as murdering political or ideological opponents with the arrows of a real assassin.

Poisoning the publics mind is just as effective as the literal poison tipped arrow of a hidden assassin waiting to draw his bow and shoot the deadly arrow. However in modern times the poison tipped arrows are now the words used by the media.

As modern day citizens we watch this “system of destruction” take place each significant campaign year. The idea being, if there is a strong leading candidate who looks like he or she may command the respect of a vast majority, opponents of the candidate will rush to create campaigns aimed at killing the candidates trust among the constituency and when it comes to history, there can be a local or a global constituency, or both.

For example, let’s use an ancient and a modern day example of “murdering history” by using “modern reputation assassination” techniques.


Hunters in the field, after a flash flood event, come across a skeleton. After reporting the discovery to the Medical Examiner, the Medical Examiner announces the skeletal remains are Caucasian in origin and of a very old age. Anthropologists swoop in discover the remains are over 9,000 years old. The dating causes a huge history conflict.

How can a skeleton cause a conflict? The local native population is said to be less than 2000 years old and they currently have all kinds of rights, entitlements and special considerations (both earned and expected), however this new skeletal remains discovery is said to be 9000 years old and Caucasian. Thus the war over history begins.

War over history, you might ask yourself? Sounds odd but consider the following:

If the local natives are 2000 years old, yet their ancestors are 9000 years old and Caucasian, one could imagine many possible arising conflicts. Who is really native? Who really owns the land? Who has hereditary rights? Lists just grow and grow from there and this is only a brief glimpse into the potential complications and issues, which arise when historic discoveries are made

Lawyers, lawsuits, protest, court cases, Supreme Court cases and the situation become an endless mess of legal machinations and accusations.

Are all these legal maneuvers over the history? No, they are over money, entitlements and government programs. The modern people (regardless the side they align with) have the same issue at focus, money. One side does not want to LOSE control of funds and assets and the other side wants to GAIN control of funds or assets; all the while the “human” in us all is losing out on authentic history.

Since money is involved the “assassination” tactics come out. Granted no one is hiring a real – kill the perceived enemy – assassin, but there is a new kind of assassination occurring. Assassination of ones name, reputation, career, support and/or credentials.

The ones finding the original skeletal remains get their character assassinated by being labeled “grave robbers”. The anthropologists who called the skeletal remains Caucasian get their reputation assassinated by being called “racists” “Zionists” or “unqualified” to make such determinations. Skills, education, credentials and reputations are put under a super-sized microscope and even if it means going back to find where the anthropologists failed a science test in high school, then such ancient and irrelevant history as the failed high school test; is brought to light and used as an example of “why this particular anthropologist” is unqualified.

Those opposing the rewriting of history will pull out all the stops to discredit the anthropologist(s) bucking the system and even if a friend of a friend of an old college roommate can be found to say they “once heard” something bad about the offending anthropologist(s) – such individual or rumor will be put forward as truth and used as written or verbal weapons of character assignation to discredit the anthropologist(s) in the media and academic circles.

It can get pretty vicious and rapidly escalates as the rumor mill takes up the rhetoric and the issue of history being rewritten takes a back seat as those trying to bring about historic change are subject to the modern Malleus Maleficarum brigade.

Yes, as ridiculous as the Old Witch Trials and Hunts associated with the Malleus Maleficarum were, those who oppose rewriting history are just as guilty and biased as the Church was in days long ago for stating, that those who believed in such things “had been seduced by the Devil in dreams and visions into old pagan errors”. Funny how such things return in cycles and academics who regularly stand against “Church ways” will gladly adopt the old tactics of the Church to attack and discredit anyone who goes against the “approved history of mankind”.

Simply put, go against the current system, be on the precipice of rewriting history and the system will systematically work to discredit you in an attempt to keep your discovery from seeing the light of day.

From a modern perspective there are three things to remember here:

  1. There would not be attacks by the media or rogue individuals IF the find was not historic in nature or the individual they are targeting with attacks were not loved by the public. The attacking opponents see such history-rewriting individuals as a threat to their “ancient ways, thoughts, ideology and sacred territories”, thus they attack. Stands to reason (does it not?), if the find was NOT potentially historic in nature, OR a real game changer; then no one would care or even bother to write about the person or the history, good, bad or indifferent. The first clue something big is emerging is when the press and opponents start loud, rumor filled attacks on the discovery, the history, the people involved or the actual discoverers who are forcing history to be rewritten.
  1. Second, by attacking someone or something which is making history or forcing a rewriting of history, the media and opponents of historical truth work to change the dialog from the historic find to the rumor mill about the person. If they can change the dialog and make it about people and character assassination, then the opponents can keep the public at large from learning the truth. First by changing the story to a different topic and second (and their most ardent hope), keeping people from reading or discovering the historic truth because they believe the rumor mill and discount the discoverer of such historic truth.
  1. THIRD and MOST IMPORTANT, remember this Russian Cold War adage: “There is no news in the truth and there is no truth in the news”. 


Now that you know the modern versions of assassins, let’s take a look at just how long this has been going on.

In my work to bring historic truth to light, particularly in the terms of King Solomon and what we learned was “King Solomon’s Secret”, the same tactics were used against one of the wisest and richest Kings to ever rule on earth.

Many modern day people were lead to believe by dishonest academia that both King David (Solomon’s Father) and King Solomon himself were fairytales. To be just fanciful myths and not based on facts and to be discounted, if not fully ignored.

However, modern archaeology and recent finds have irrevocably proven the existence of both legendary Kings.

From ancient times King Solomon was known as the wisest of the wise and an embracer of all cultures, talents and expertise. Through embracing various cultures and learned sciences, King Solomon was able to achieve astronomical wealth.  King Solomon’s legacy was he knew where true and vast riches were sourced. He knew the location of the ancient places. This information in the hands of smart people and common people was both inspiring and motivational at the same time, for who cannot help but be inspired to great wisdom as displayed by King Solomon? And who would not be motivated to go in search of the “unknown ancient places” King Solomon knew of but took such secrets with him to his grave?

Now consider this – if in ancient times, or even a much closer history to us today (say the Middle Ages), what could a determined individual with some means do IF they could find the source of King Solomon’s wealth? If King Solomon’s wealth could not be described in words, but it enabled him to build a powerful nation and people, what would happen if someone else discovered the secret of this wealth? A new powerful challenge would occur to the old established systems, would it not?

You are correct, if someone could find the source, then they too could build powerful kingdoms and challenge the current ruling class, politicians and the Church of the times. (It’s that money and control thing again).

Now for the kicker: King Solomon dies with his secret still hidden behind his lips. Armies begin to rule, then Caesar’s and then Caesars yield to the Church and the Church becomes the NEW ruler, owner and final say of everything.

If the Ruling Class, Politicians and the Church owned all the land and controlled all the funds, do you think they could allow anyone to amass great wealth and challenge them? NO WAY.

So here is how they dealt with such issues in ancient times.

Aside from death by sword and automatic death for questioning the authority of the Church or rulers, the “system” needed to control the “mind and thoughts of the people”. Remember, if any average person or rogue ruler was able to attain the wealth of King Solomon, they could build an army to take away lands and ruling powers from the Church and the then current and corrupt rulers.

But there as a HUGE problem- the legend of King Solomon and his wisdom and riches lived on despite labeling them ancient myths, so the Church and ruling class had to do several things to “change the mind of mankind” from thinking King Solomon was great and nobel (remember because if one could follow in his footsteps they could become powerful rulers as well).

How did the Church and ruling class do such?

  1. They started a campaign that King Solomon was a myth.
  2. They switched the story from his great wisdom and deeds to a man with uncontrolled sexual desires and a man of less than moral character.
  3. The changed his legacy through controlled propaganda, meaning even though King Solomon ruled in 970-913 BCE, his inspiration was still talked about hundreds of years later. So in order to stop the inspiration they needed to assassinate his character. How did they do it? How did they stifle the secrets to his wisdom and wealth?
  4. First, rumors were spread of death, monsters and evil forces being found outside the Pillars of Hercules (you know this place today as the channel at the Rock of Gibraltar and the Gateway to the Atlantic and Mediterranean). Go past those land features and you would surely die. But people are people and adventurers are adventures and many were still sailing. So they needed a better weapon.
  5. The Church and ruling class kept everybody in the dark literally, in the Dark Ages (5th to 15th Centuries CE) by outlawing learning and sciences. The Church took over from the fallen Roman Empire and a shameful period of intellectual darkness and economic regression came to rise, but as man began to come out and awaken again, adventurers sailed again, and they still remembered King Solomon. Now how could the Church gain control of the myth once again?

Generating Bad Press for King Solomon was the answer.

  1. First they spread the rumor “Money is the root of all evil”. If you believed wealth was bad, and you surely wanted to be Godly, then you needed to shun wealth (note – just you and your family NOT THEM).
  2. In the same 15th Century, as the world was waking up for the political and theological blindness and forced dumbing down, the Church funded a project, which took myth of Solomon and associated the keys to his secret with being demonology and evil (Clavicula Salomonis Regis and Ars Goetia to name a few). Now Church Propaganda changed the tides, so IF you now studied King Solomon to try to learn his secret, you were now akin to a devil worshipper and allowing demons into your world, and the true history of the world and King Solomon was shut down once again.

Does this entire formula of character assassination sound familiar? Of course it does, because it is the very same tactic used today to smear history, suppress history, hide the truth and attack those committed to bring the real truth and the worlds real history to light.

group banner

In the Dark Ages the Church outlawed reading, writing, sciences and education, but now times have changed. Thankfully we are headed into an era I call the “Revolution for Truth”. Thanks to the Internet, every bit and source of knowledge is available to every person on the planet; it is now hard to suppress information and truth. However, there is still one bastion of deception left and that is deceptive media practices and those unscrupulous media sources are scrambling to do as much damage as they can to history and truth.

The media wants you hanging on their words, their truths and their beliefs and to not have you become a freethinker or truth seeker. Why? If you become a freethinker then chances are you are going to see through the media spin and political garbage and start to become a liberated thinker and see the manipulation of the masses by the old system. Media has a vested interest in you not learning the truth and still turning to them for your information, in your zombified consumption of pre-spun, pre-determined “for you” daily media servings.

Now you may see why the old media cannot afford freethinkers, people who research facts and come to know the real story. An educated reader is one that walks away from the trash and mass media filtered truth and starts to do their own research and investigations for the truth.

NOW you know how deep this battle for history and your mind really is. It is a war that has been raging for a thousand years. Personally, I think we are on the precipice of setting our minds free and truly becoming free thinkers and digging for our own truths. But to get truth, one must be willing to FIGHT FOR TRUTH.

I see the need to FIGHT FOR TRUTH everyday. I see people’s minds being controlled and thoughts being controlled by the media deploying old Church character assignation techniques. Hell, I have been a victim of the attacks myself in case you have not already read.

Regularly people, who do not want the real truth known or fear for the old ways being lost, attack my character and me as an individual, history hunter or historian. How do they attempt to do such? They deploy the very same tools the Church created and fine-tuned. Divide and conquer people through disinformation and rumors. Take the people who are bringing truth to the forefront and turn them and their stories into demons. Change the dialog from great discoveries and history making events to character assassination and unfounded rumors and lies.

It worked to help build the Church into one of the single largest corporations in the world, its own country and rules and the single largest land owner in the world, so way not used what worked for the Church to keep people in the Modern Dark Ages of Incorrect History and Historical Sci-Fi?

The truth about history is a war that has to be fought.

If we are ever going to get our real history, then real people need to become history warriors. We as warriors must demand the cease and desist of running programming and printing text books that ‘Columbus discovered America”. That was the history “sold” to us by a corrupt and manipulative Church and it is NOT our real history. We as warriors are going to have to stop believing rumors and understand “once cannot chart new waters, without making some waves” and that the system will always want to label us then divide and conquer us. They want us to forget we are all human, from the same source and we all want the same things in a good life. They want to sell us “their image of us and what we need” and “what they think we should pay attention to”.

They do not want us to think for ourselves and they want to feed our minds junk, rumors and false history. Now we may not be able to change our government at the moment, but we can start demanding accurate history reporting and if we can work to change history and get it corrected, then people just may start to see that when history started being recorded wrong it was the seed that started changing our free thinking and lead us like sheeple into willing indentured servitude.

I believe if traditional media is the addictive drug that keeps us disconnected and addicted to the system, then free thought and digging into truthful history is the ONLY antidote we have. The words are real and true when said “The Truth will set you free”, but the deception is “the media and the system are giving you the truth”.

Believe me, thrumorsose wanting to bring about truth and change are attacked daily and those that attack the change agents out there are the ones with the most to lose.

If you do not believe what I am saying, tune into the current squabble (or listen to the audio file I attached to this article) where my work in Nova Scotia on Oak Island pissed off and challenged a local Nova Scotian who is in the public relations business. He did not like me saying that Nova Scotia and Oak Island were the tipping point in history that would change all history, as we know it. He openly challenged me by asking, “Why do I (as in me writing this article) have the right to say Nova Scotia history could be rewritten?” The answer is simple; we connected the dots and proved the historical facts and discrepancies – that’s why!

So what steps did he take to combat the real truth from coming out? He deployed the old Church tactics and got his traditional media sources to being attacking me and sharing lies and rumors. Why go to such lengths?

Divide and conquer, because you can divide people by spreading rumors and lies and if they follow the rumor mills and lies, they ignore the real story that history, as we know it is about to change.

Changing the dialog is a powerful tool, it worked for Kings, Queens, Politicians, the Ruling Class, the Church and even works for real shadow organizations and organizations with funny hats, self awarded medals and Captain Crunch style costumes in very localized “traveling man” fiefdoms. Gather a group and some will always want to hijack the message for their own goals. It is and always will be about controlling the message to control people’s minds and if you can control their minds you can control their money and pocketbooks.

Everyone has a stake in history, from secret orders and societies, to the ones who were there in real time, but the real stake is in revealing the truth, decoding the secrets and scouring the archives and telling (retelling that is) the story of history in a real, unbiased, facts as they are, history of mankind.

FIGHT FOR THE TRUTH, it is up to you. Refuse to be divided and conquered, demand history be reported truthfully and updated to reflect the real truth and whatever the truth may be, truth is the standard we must accept and honor and then we move on an grow from there – as HUMANS, not segmented, divided and corralled labels.

The fight to control peoples thoughts and spin negative stories to suppress truth is a real phenomena and here is an example of a “writer” who wanted to interview me about “my work” and from the very beginning let his real intentions be known.  LISTEN IF YOU DARE to how media does not care about truth, but only wants to spin negativity.

What say you?



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