Crowd Sourcing and how it can change History –

Have you ever heard the term CROWDSOURCING? Did you know crowdsourcing can be used to solve history and unsolved mysteries?

Here is the Wiki definition of Crowdsourcing:

“Crowdsourcing is channeling the experts’ desire to solve a problem and then freely sharing the answer with everyone.”  Another definition is: “Crowdsourcing is a type of participative online activity in which an individual, an institution, a non-profit organization, or company proposes to a group of individuals of varying knowledge, heterogeneity, and number, via a flexible open call, the voluntary undertaking of a task. The undertaking of the task, of variable complexity and modularity, and in which the crowd should participate bringing their work, money, knowledge and/or experience, always entails mutual benefit. The user will receive the satisfaction of a given type of need, be it economic, social recognition, self-esteem, or the development of individual skills, while the crowdsourcer will obtain and utilize to their advantage that which the user has brought to the venture, whose form will depend on the type of activity undertaken”.

IN short, crowdsourcing is the grouping of people connected through the Internet to solve a mutual problem, through allowing the “collective” to contribute to the solving of an issue, problem or mystery”.

This is exactly what we are proposing with the Oak Island Mystery.  Would you like to participate in the creation of a “crowdsourcing knowledge archive”, which could be used to help solve the enigma and mystery which is Oak Island?

If so, listen to the audio link below and learn how to join the “collective brain trust” assembled to attempt to solve the Oak Island Mystery.


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