How to Change History, Make Waves and Create Change for Truth!

Can you still believe our children are being taught Christopher Columbus is the one who discovered America?

Hard to believe we still cling to such factually incorrect history, but for too long truth has not been a requirement for the recording of, teaching of or the memorializing of history.  Now is the time for change!  How can YOU assist in the changing and correcting of History and Historical Lies and Inaccuracy?  Get more involved in History and begin to use the power of Social Media to bring about Social Change.


Many people believe their voice won’t make a big enough difference in the changing of outdated systems, government or bureaucracies, but that is no longer true.  Social Media is the great change agent which has come onto the scene.  Your voice and opinion can now be multiplied by BINDING and CONNECTING with other like minded people into a force for change.  The first step is to be socially involved and socially engaged through social media.  But one warning about Social Media- YOU MUST choose wisely, because the wrong choices in social media and who and what to follow can do nothing more than jam your message and notification boxes with rumors, complaints, pictures of what someone ate for dinner and stupid photos of people stumbling around drunk.

The rules when it come to who, what and why to join a social media group is the same as selecting people to become real life friends with.

For example:  No one likes a downer, bitcher, moaner or complainer – so recognize if you join a social group and their post, comments and threads are mostly about bitching, complaining and ragging on people and ideas, then that is a reflection of the “personality” of the group and just like you don’t want friends who are downers, you don’t want to belong to groups that do nothing but turn you off.

Select the groups you participate in based on what you would want in a good mentor or role model, i.e., they share good information, you get good advice, they are inspirational, they motivate you to learn more and do better and they listen to you and make you feel like you are part of something special.

Once you have chosen your groups to participate in (and Facebook has many) then you become part of a like minded family.  Over time and participation, you and your “group” family can then start making a difference.

How can groups make a difference?  When enough people get together and become equally engaged and active, then they can start to propel ideas, thoughts and support over a broader medium.  For instance, one person complaining to the school book publishers association about the need to change text books and DELETE the erroneous history that Columbus discovered America, won’t get much traction.  But, get 1,000,000 people socially active and socially vocal on this point and not only can history be rewritten, history can be made where people made the difference NOT politics.

If you want to gain great insight on how social sharing and social activities work at their best, then consider joining some of the social forums we manage and learn with us, share with us and become part of something big.

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Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.47.44 PM

Screen shot 2015-04-15 at 1.47.14 PM


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