Ever Metal Detected in a TREE? Here is WHY you should!

Who in their right mind would metal detect a tree?  Well, seems those in the know DO in fact, metal detect the trees around old home steads.  Here is why:

TREES-TREASURES and an ODD ISSUE: Early last year I pointed out what could be scarification on a tree in a well known potential treasure locale and pointed up towards the top of the tree and said “Look there, I can see marks and that would be about the growth rate according to the legend”. Anyway, it caused a stir since the other person with me said “trees do not grow that way, the only grow from the top, so the mark would not move but be in the same place of where it was originally cut”. I stated, “No, marks can in fact climb with the tree”.

Well that statement was recently brought back up again and pushed at me as an “issue” and so, the researcher in myself HAD to go find a scientific answer and it seems the answer is “we both are correct”. Depending where the scarification occurs ‘even contrary to belief’ and ‘science of how trees grow’ the transportation UP can and does frequently occur. Without all the science, it boils down to trees age and WHERE the lowest of limbs are in relation to both the time and type of scarification.

In the treasure business we have all heard about the “butcher knife stuck in the tree and to look UP for it now that time has passed” and seems that is very correct. So, true to form, and due to the real lack of information, for all us treasure and lost history hunters out there I am writing a white paper on the phenomena for publication and here are some of the different “visually documented” instances of both occurrences. Enjoy and share with your lost history and lost treasure hunting friends. Commander


TREE !learn to decod clikc pic

TREE 2find truth click pic

TREE 3estrala_oit












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