Columbus’s Secret about America. Did Columbus have Ancient Navigational Information?

We ALL know the story of “Columbus discovering America” is baseless and an often repeated myth which is unfortunately still taught in schools this very day as being “historically correct”.  What is in question is the “real discover(s) of America” and not did Columbus actually make it to America.  Unquestionably, Columbus did make it to America.  However, we may be looking at Columbus in the wrong way.  The questions which should be asked about Columbus and his Voyage to America are:

1.  How did Columbus know of such a distant land?

2.  Did Columbus have “inside information” which enabled his voyage?

3.  Was Columbus really after “India and Spices” or where there a more “secret reason” for his voyage to America?

Columbus had an Oak Island Secret. Did Columbus know the Ancient Mariners way and a secret sacred geometry and navigation secret as well? What was Columbus’s real mission? Where is Columbus find the ancient maps and the ancient directions to the “Way of King Solomon”? Incredible and thought provoking interview with Author Jeff Irving, who is also a former Ships Officer. New theory and information.  CLICK TO PLAY and let us know what you think.  This is PART ONE of a Two part Series.

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