Could some of the Oak Island Treasure Artifacts be FAKE? The ArtiFACTS, ArtiFAKES and unbelievable, ArtiFRAUDS!

If you were to print out the documents available online relating to the inside documents of the various treasure hunting teams who have expended millions in an attempt to find and recover the “treasure hidden away on Oak Island, Nova Scotia” one could easily fill a small two drawer file cabinet.  However, what you may NOT know is there are rooms and rooms of file cabinets with documents, journals, reports, studies and a “treasure trove” of information relating to all of the “ArtiFACTS and ArtiFAKES” found on Oak Island and some may surprise you as being downright ArtiFRAUDS!

In a ratio that can easily be in the “thousands to one” there is a wealth of smoking gun evidence of what the Oak Island Mystery really is, what lay beneath the infamous island and, more important what has been found and recovered upon the island.  In told, there has be over $189,000,000. That’s One Hundred Eight Nine Million Dollars invested in Oak Island to try to decode its mystery.  Simple math deduces that number is $804,000 a foot dug down to “something” or $31,500,000 million for each person killed by the search in modern times.  Those are some powerful numbers.


But first let’s do a dictionary check (how I am using the words I have chosen for labels):

  1. ArtiFACT – a real, bonafide, recovered item of an old age which helps decode and describe the mystery and goings on upon Oak Island, and;
  2. ArtiFAKE – this can have two meanings (a) not really an artifact at all, yet called one by press, TV or writings; and (b) possibly an artifact, yet grossly and falsely identified wrong, and;
  3. ArtiFRAUD – simple – the items, things, stories and such used to get people to continue to invest in the “Big Dig” upon Oak Island.

However, you do need to know HOW to shift through the information.  For that you need to know these few things:

  1. In the past, when historic finds were made which changed history, the system and academia would “hide the news or results” to keep the public from knowing the real story, or;
  2. If the information leaked to the public, then the system and academia would just label the artifact or find “a forged or faked item” and push the public away from the story, and;
  3. Or if the finder is effective in getting the story “out to the public” then the system and academia will work to attempt to discredit and stain the image and reputation of the discoverer (just read what is going on with our recent “Minoans in America” information release and artifact discovery).

There is one MORE level to consider (in this Social Media day and age), those who found the artifacts, had the artifacts or possess the artifacts getting “called out” and their actions in the face of such information:

  • When “discoverers or land owners” want to hide finds they tend to go radio silent or off the public radar to try to hide the information and pray it does not get discovered, and;
  • If the information gets out and is not in their control, they too will do the very same thing the system and academia do, i.e., demonize or vilify the party releasing the information and attempt to discredit to change the stories focus away from the real issue at hand.

There is one new level in today’s society, being that we are all connected by social media and the releasing of information is both easier and wider than ever.  The offending party (those withholding information, artifacts, discoveries or supporting those who have looted artifacts and have concealed them) if they are involved in social media the you can tell something BIG is brewing and about to pop, when all of a sudden y0u cannot see information from trusted sources and their posts and information is “curiously absent”.  Why absent? The reports, information and knowledge is hidden so as to help keep the information from making it into the public forum or focused engaged Social Media Denizens.  (Pay close attention to these trends, such as when an Archaeological Magazine deletes posts or does not allow certain organizations to post).  This trend is VERY TELLING and a simple “site search” reveals the lack of posts and inforamtion being hidden and suppressed (look at posting dates).

With all the TV coverage of the series and the Big Reveal, in Season Two of Curse of Oak Island, by our team of the “visibility and provability” of  “something HUGE being below” in the bowels of this abused, angry and ambushed island.  But even with our team and work being able to bring the first verifiable physical clues of “something monumental below” there are OTHER artifacts which have already been found which would blow your socks off – the problem is – they have been looted from the island and others intentionally destroyed and hidden from others to “keep this mystery from being fully and professionally solved”.

Yes, I wrote the truth – there are numerous Oak Island artifacts you have never heard about, nor seen, nor been turned over the government since the did not “fit” the “prevailing theory” of the day when the various teams were seeking the treasure and “the investors”.  This first article and video (in a series of 5) is an attempt to bring to light the various ArtiFACTS, ArtiFAKES and ArtiFRAUDS associated with Oak Island, but more importantly is directly from our report for our UNESCO World Heritage Report (yes, will be available for download soon) and our internal report for a Canadian Law and Legislation Review, since specifically, according to Canadian law, protected archaeological resources include all evidence of human occupation that comes out of the ground (or underwater), with the only exception in Nova Scotia, where buried treasure is not defined as “archaeology” but is subject to similar reporting requirements.  But to us, working to preserve an industry, occupation and artifacts which may change what is written about history as we know it, there are numerous items which have been “stolen and hidden” from the system.

For us, we have little concern with the dividing up of the “gold, silver and precious metals”; but we DO have IMMENSE concern for artifacts which would prove beyond the shadow of a doubt the antiquity of Oak Island and monumental discoveries like “Ancient Mariners visited Oak Island”, “Roman Ships came to Oak Island” and better yet, “Fleets from the reign of King Solomon came to Oak Island”.  Why be concerned?  Certain artifacts which have been found on Oak Island prove up the above cases, but due to lack of ethic, lack of skills, or lack of professional help and guidance throughout the past numerous decades, important history has slipped through the cracks.

It is those cracks which must be sealed and mortared and it is the missing, lost and looted artifacts which must be returned for historical, scientific and archaeological study.

It has taken me well over a year to reveal this information and to decide the very best way to approach such a delicate and potentially “powder keg storeroom” of information but at the end of the day it is the recorded history and the CORRECT AND FACTUAL recording of history which must outweigh any misplaced loyalty for the “legend, process, system or fellowship” of seeking that which Oak Island so wonderfully camouflages.

Starting with small steps, and in accordance with federal and international reporting requirements, we are releasing the information in a manner that those who really “own the artifacts and the history” (the people of the world) can being to understand the magnitude of Oak Island and it’s place in the Pantheon of History and we have always said and continue to say “Oak Island is the proverbial tipping point in the complete rewriting of history as we know it!”

Below is a short 3 minute video which will begin to help you understand the difference in the various Oak Island ArtiFACTS, ArtiFAKES and ArtiFRAUDS.  A simple example is the “myth as a treasure clue” of the Coconut Fibers.  The simple reason for the presence of those fibers on the Island is there were numerous families and individuals who were PRIVATEERS, who owned lots on the island and used Oak Island to hide their off loading of ships they captured and the “booty” they were unpacking and carting off to the main land to sell.  As professionals and both a news and publishing organization, our goal is to see ALL the Oak Island artifacts come to light and many to be returned to the public.

NOTE:  Just because there is a plausible reason the Coconut Fiber is is on Oak Island, do NOT make the mistake of thinking Oak Island is not “treasure laden” – it is, but the “treasure” may have a different definition than those who searched for it in the past had.  Enjoy.



2 thoughts on “Could some of the Oak Island Treasure Artifacts be FAKE? The ArtiFACTS, ArtiFAKES and unbelievable, ArtiFRAUDS!

  1. TemplarLady86

    When the 7th one has died let me know. The curse must be fulfilled. 7times the explorer’s blood willingly shed. Only then the truth.

    Only a Templar can unlock the secret, because only we already know what is there.


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