Oak Island Treasure Artifacts STOLEN? Curse of Oak Island

Late December last year we came in contact with a “Professional Treasure Hunter” from Nova Scotia Canada who had an incredible story to share with us.  His story?

He used an old Masonic Document to decode exact directions to multiple hidden treasure spots on Oak Island and on surrounding Islands in Nova Scotia.  In fact, he has some local credibility since he was featured on Nova Scotia TV as a “credible treasure hunter” with skills that enabled him to find out the truth about Oak Island.  In the interview, they did not cover that he had relocated and recovered precious artifacts, but when we interviewed him for our book research and for our archaeological and history news service, we were amazed at the details he revealed to us.

IMG-20121107-01656Could this be true?

The Nova Scotia Treasure Hunter, Terry Sabine who has several treasure hunting groups on Facebook and numerous fake ID pages and groups, shared the facts of his find and then revealed some startling additional information.  He claimed to of actually made recoveries and had metals down some of the precious artifacts and sold them for wads of cash and other priceless artifacts he had buried under a family members driveway to hide them from others until he could find buyers.

In documenting this story, since we DO know SEVERAL REAL OAK ISLAND ARTIFACTS have gone missing and were never reported to Nova Scotia Authorities (new story coming), we took his claims as real and authentic.  That is, until we started to dissect his claims, one by one.

As confirming evidence he provided YouTube Videos of him melting down what seems to be precious metals, and even sent us photos of his ill gotten financial windfall (see photo of him holding wads of cash.  We first broke the story in our radio program here: https://www.soundcloud.com/treasureforce/hidden-history-w-commander  (NOTE: almost a half a million have listened to this broadcast) , but we have lifted just the retelling of Mr. Sabines claims and you can listen on the link below:


We have no way to really verify his claims without the help of legal authorities and antiquity authorities of Canada, but Mr. Sabine sure went to great steps to send photographic evidence of his “claims”.  We will leave the judgement up to you and you listening to the facts.  To us, Mr. Sabine seems inauthentic, lacking credibility and his story does not pass scrutiny, BUT we do wonder what golden artifacts was his YouTube video showing him melt; AND where did he get the enormous wads of cash he was eagerly showing in his photo?  Could he really of found, destroyed and sold off priceless artifacts?  Does he not know this is an international crime? And WHY would he POST online such information and evidence?  You listen to our report and and you decide.

On Thursday, July 22, 2011  Global News Canada did s news story on Mr. Sabine


Here is another story about Mr. Sabine and his Oak Island Claims on Canadian TV NEWS:    https://keithranville.wordpress.com/2011/07/22/global-national-news-treasure-hunting-n-s/



4 thoughts on “Oak Island Treasure Artifacts STOLEN? Curse of Oak Island

  1. Freed Sabine

    Author of a ton of treasure hunting books who has never ever once in his life discovered a real treasure tries to dismantle a real treasure hunters abilities to sell his own shitty books. I smell a rat but it’s not me!

    1. treasurebusiness Post author

      Terry Sabine or Freed Sabine, Nancy Garapic and other names sorry your story about your story of stealing and melting down treasures caught you in a lie. But you know you’re not a treasure hunter, but you have spotted some funny looking landscapes from google earth. But, yes with the Nova Scotia authorities looking into your destruction of antiquities claim, I am sure you are mad and focused on me. Hope you feel better. Thanks for all the contact from all the different accounts and identities. It helps me collect them all. All the best.

    1. treasurebusiness Post author

      Åh, Terry Sabine, nice to see you commenting here, albeit in yet another different email and name! LOL


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