Train YOUR EYES to recognize Ancient History (and how not to use 2000 year old symbols as park benches)

Over my years as a professional explorer I have come into contact with sites which are great antiquity yet people walk over them all the time and have no idea just how ancient and important they are to history.

To understand this, best to see some innocent examples, of just how easy it is to miss history right under your nose and funny enough it is STRENGTH TRAINING of those two orbits above your nose which make all the difference in the world; we offer the following photographic evidence.

Photo example ONE:  This photo was taken last year on Oak Island and we all know Oak Island is very historic in nature.  I am going to show you the PHOTO in its native shot first:

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 2.44.06 PM

Now let’s look at the very same photograph with a different set of eyes (since this whole article is about TRAINING YOUR EYES TO RECOGNIZE ANCIENT HISTORY)

rock scars meme

Now for a little decoding:

First you should know that ALL of the stones noted with arrows contain very ancient symbols.

RED ARROW:  This stone, represented by the ORANGE ARROW is a few things.  It contains ancient symbols which will be shared in a different photo, but the stone itself is a man-hallowed out basin which holds a significant amount of water.  So why the RED ARROW?  The white marks are where the local contractor pushed the stone around with a small loader dozer and NO IDEA the stone was a scared monument, important to history or contained ancient symbols.

The fellow in the green shirt, sitting upon the rock and its center bowl as if setting in the morning upon a toilet bowl, has no idea this rock is significant to history.  Why? Because the “historian” on the island, has no idea about symbology, ancient monuments and other than not actually being a historian, no one on site is trained in the ancient languages, symbols or simple artifact identification.  Yes, every site must go through an evolutionary process.

So take this photo.  In this next photo it is where we originally found the historic stone monument.  It was not left in its original place but was moved behind some older shacks and left there for decades.  In the photo we are showing Charles Barkhouse the significance of the stone (this was our first official series visit to Oak Island and later it was moved to the Museum front, where you see it used as a seat now).  This stone sat less than 20 yards from the war room entrance (which is the old museum building) unnoticed for decades.  Why unnoticed?  Not a single trained set of eyes to recognize ancient symbols and languages and what was under foot are employed on the island.  THUS the topic for this article and the video training lessons below to TRAIN YOUR EYES TO RECOGNIZE.  So, here is the before and after of the stone:

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 3.01.27 PMwater basin cerimonial charles

The blue arrows in the scene show clearly how this particular stone has been man modified to hold water and possibly other more sacred ceremonial items.  However, the next two photos are more telling:

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 3.01.43 PMrock w carving charles

One can clearly see the stone carving upon the “face” of the “ceremonial stone”.  They were carved to tell the story of the stone and quite possibly its use.


The technology we use to capture and decode the symbols is the Go!Scan device you saw us use on History Channel.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 2.58.06 PMScreen Shot 2015-06-18 at 2.58.37 PM

The Go!Scan device by Creaform is the tool to use to professional lift and duplicate intricate carvings and symbols from the face of stones, tombs, crypts and ancient artifacts.

Drawing you attention back up to three photos above, the bowl shaped ceremonial stone hidden in plain sight on Oak Island, one can clearly see just how much of a large volume the stone was carved out of the stone.

Here comes the significantly perplexing situation with signs, symbols and the professional ability to actually be able to recognize artifacts important to history:

the Canadian government sent an archaeologist to the island; he walked and inspected the entire island and filed a report which states the following “there is nothing of archaeological interest on Oak Island”.

Jaw dropping I know, but maybe because Oak Island has so long been considered a hoax and joke in Nova Scotia, that even the government and government archaeologists do not take it seriously, but I digress.

How is one to take such a statement?  From our standpoint there are numerous ancient languages and symbols upon countless Oak Island large stones, boulders and monoliths and EVEN one stone which have intentionally blown apart to try to keep other treasure hunters from cracking the secrets of the Island; yet even in both the blown apart rubble and the old photos of the blown apart rubble the ancient languages and symbology are still present and identifiable.

The situation boils down to the following:

If someone is not trained in the visual identification of ancient languages and symbols they will walk right past them and never know they are there.  The best case and point is the ceremonial bowl with carvings, obviously the local archaeologist was oblivious to the identification of such because looking over his schooling, certifications and accreditations there is zero training evidence in ancient languages and symbology.  No wonder he would miss such.  The on island historian, who has no training as either a historian or in artifact identification cannot be faulted either.  Over all, there is so little training on ancient symbology and ancient languages no wonder they are walked over and sat upon every single day.

When we announced there were numerous ancient symbols and languages upon oak Island we were of course attacked, but those who consider themselves “in the know”.  The day we started posting such findings, just as these symbols on an ancient stone found on Little Mash, the next door neighbor island (see photo) the Facebook groups went wild.  Both for the symbols and for those who think they know the islands inside and out.  My in boxed when ding ding ping crazy as fans started telling me that a guy who’s Facebook picture was of him in a Captain Crunch Uniform was bashing us as “idiots”, since he played all over those rocks and island (including Oak Island) and there were no such symbols. signs_mash

I entered the group and found out the Captain Crunch Uniformed fellow was actually a local well known Mason  (and the uniform was his Masons Uniform) who is either a Senior Warden Brother or the Grand Magical Worshiped Master (I could be wrong on the titles I do not know which one he claimed at the time) but, seems he not only grew up running around Oak Island but is an actual island owner descendant and he swore he crawled and played all over every stone on the island and would of noticed symbols and such, if they really existed.  What that goes to show, for example using his age of 75 or so, is that if your eyes are not trained, they can easily miss the ancient and esoteric and in 75 years of being there, playing there and possibly sitting on the same symbol loaded rocks like the tourist was sitting upon on the island; that ancient symbols can be right under your nose (or bum) and you never ever know it.

So, how does one train their eyes to learn to recognize authentic symbols and ancient languages when they are in the field.  Video Flash Cards.

Just like you learned to first recognize words, numbers and letters aw a child with flash cards, we have developed video flash cards (so you can do it on your PC and cell phone) and it is simple as platy, watch and train your eyes.

If you do this you will open your eyes to a massive hidden world of truth around you of just how ancient the Americas really are and the real truth about America BC.

(and then, if you were the parent I told on oak island to get your child off the stone and to wash off the ice cream that he let melt down into a 2000 year old symbol upon the face of the rock, that I was not being mean, I was protecting history!)



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