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If you follow the daily newspaper headline such as our newspaper at Investigating History Daily, you will find new articles emerging about ancient DNA markers being found in North American and South American Peoples.  As for me, I am not shocked.  In fact the only shock is why did it take so long to have enough evidence past ancient symbols and artifacts found in the Americas to finally admit it?


But alas the system never wants to back down and modify.  Case and Point:  The photo above.  This photo is the new rendering of how people migrated to account for the new DNA, but did they tell the truth that ancient man was sailing the globe?  No, they just elongated the tip of the arrow on the map to go further south.

Here is the smoking gun place way at the end of the news release by Archaeology magazine today:

“It is a surprising finding and it implies that New World populations were not completely isolated from the Old World after their initial migration. We cannot say exactly how and when this gene flow happened.”  They admit the cannot figure it out WHEN THEY HAVE TO FIT IT INSIDE THE OLD SYSTEM.

HINT ARCHAEOLOGY MAGAZINE- the evidence chain is not broken the SYSTEM IS BROKEN.

Here is the first part of the story released by Archaeology Magazine:

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK—A new large-scale genome study is adding to the debate over how the peopling of the Americas occurred. An international team of scientists sampled several present-day Native American and Siberian populations, in addition to ancient DNA samples from across the Americas. “Our study presents the most comprehensive picture of the genetic prehistory of the Americas to date. We show that all Native Americans, including the major sub-groups of Amerindians and Athabascans, descend from the same migration wave into the Americas. This was distinct from later waves that gave rise to the Paleo-Eskimo and Inuit populations in the New World Arctic region,” Maanasa Raghavan of the Centre for GeoGenetics at the University of Copenhagen said in a press release. The results also indicate that the initial migration took place no earlier than 23,000 years ago, when Native Americans split from East Asian and Siberian populations. Ancestral Native Americans may then have been isolated in Beringia for some 8,000 years, since the oldest archaeological evidence in the Americas is about 15,000 years old. The study also found that some 13,000 years ago, this population split into northern and southern branches. Gene flow between some Native American groups and present-day East Asians and Australo-Melanesians was also detected. “It is a surprising finding and it implies that New World populations were not completely isolated from the Old World after their initial migration. We cannot say exactly how and when this gene flow happened, but one possibility is that it came through the Aleutian Islanders living off the coast of Alaska,” added Eske Willerslev, who headed the study. To read more about the peopling of the New World, go to “America, in the Beginning.

At some time the history hiding and the mumbo jumbo must stop and we have to rethink and fully embrace ancient man COULD sail the World and thus we find the gene diversity we do.  We did not walk 10,000 miles in frozen solid waste with no resources.

What say you?

BTW, want to listen to a great DNA interview?  Listen to this!



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