Are DNA and Science making Archaeology Archaic?

Daily newspapers are revealing startling new facts about our History, however it is not to the benefit of the imagined legacy of archaeologist who fancy themselves the true authors of history and the “modern” Indiana Jones types.  In fact, the trend is more like Indiana Jones and his University Buddies (not the adventure types) are challenging the guys from Big Bang Theory and the crowd involved in the Big Bang Theory movement is sending Team Jones running for cover.


Now in my formation of a proper analogy, I in no way want to bring shame on Indiana Jones. Why?  Archaeologist do NOT explore and see truth and facts like Indiana Jones. In fact a modern Archaeologist would of NEVER went in search of the Crystal Skull.  Why? Archaeologists do not search for things mythical and things we do not understand.  That died back in the 1930’s, ironically part of the time period Indiana Jones was set in.  Nope, exploration stopped and as it became more “University Institutionalized” Archaeologist went from trying to make sense of finds to trying to protect their tenure, retirement and reputation by trying to “fit” finds into the “approved time line and story about history”.  That is not exploring, discovering and recording history; that’s a “political correct pandering pundit”.

So, keeping Indiana Jones reputation and image in tact, knowing modern archaeology is not about exploring, answering, adventure and finding the truth whatever it may be (remember the moment Indiana Jones in todays system would of given his report on the Ark of the Covenant and what “supernaturally happened” with the Nazi’s on that remote island; Indy would of be FIRED!), todays Archaeologists are all about preserving the status quo of history we have been sold.


However, those Big Bang types are changing the system.  Science and scientific testing are proving quite possibly that not only is all our account of history is wrong, but they are proving that modern Archaeologist are only “politically correct pundits” for a severely broken and dysfunctional system which puts more value on toting the political correct party line than really making discoveries of the truth about out history.  Granted the “Andy the Angry Archaeologist” types will always be around and even after all the science comes in and forces the mass rewriting of History and all of our History books; Andy the Angry Argumentative Archaeologists will still be there saying we are all wrong and the science is flawed and only Archaeologist can tell us what happened in history.  The funny thing about it is the Archaeology business if full of “A’s”  Yes A’s – no not like you are thinking.  I mean it like this – (4A) Andy the Angry and Argumentative Archaeologist, will always use the Alliterative Approach.  What is the Alliterative Approach?  It is the historic was Archaeologist battle every new find and idea.  They use the prescribed 4F Alliteration Theory:  Flawed, Fake, Forged and Fraud approach.

If they KNOW it is making their theories obsolete they use the 4F attack.

  • Your information or research is flawed!
  • Your site or language discovery was faked!
  • Your artifact is a forgery!
  • You are a fraud!

As for me, I have my very own 4F rebuttal to Andy the Angry and Argumentative Archaeologists when he deploys his 4F Alliteration Technique and mine is:

  • Archaeology has FAILED us!
  • Science is the FUTURE!
  • You are FURIOUS your profession is going away!
  • FINALLY, man can let science prove the FACTS!

To show you just how this battle is currently being fought and won by science, I offer up an irrefutable science which is kicking Archaeology’s proverbial ASS! (ASS being another acronym for Archaeology Theory – Archaic  Sycophant Snobs).  The Science? DNA.

Here is why DNA Science (the Big Bang Guys) and trumping Archaic Archaeology.  There is ZERO way to tinker with DNA results. The 4F Alliteration Refutal Theory does not work simply because there is NO WAY the results are flawed, faked, forged or a fraud.  Those genes ARE WHAT THEY ARE and no one went back in time 25,000 to 50,000 years ago to just try and pull off a hoax on modern mankind.  The science is perfect and perfect enough it can put a man in prison and take his life by execution. Soon it is bye bye to archaeological theories and HELLO SCIENCE to setting the record straight!

So, allow me to introduce you to some DNA studies presented by avocational Researcher Bonnie Goodine.  Mrs. Goodine is leading the DNA research and charge of getting the whole Oak Island, Nova Scotia history corrected and viewed in the correct perspective.  Better said, Mrs. Goodine is using BIG BANG DNA SCIENCE to put the old archaic archaeology system in it’s place when it comes to “did ancient societies sail to and populate the America’s thousands of years ago?”.  Simply put, the science does not lie.  Below is an article of the facts as presented by Mrs. Goodine: (Btw, Mrs. Goodine did an amazing radio interview on this topic for the Oak Island Archives and I have the link below and you should listen to it! Over 240,000 have already and shows how the world is catching up on the theory and trickery of Archaeology.)

H2 DNA reveals the Ancient populating of the Americas, by Bonnie Goodine.

bonnie memeScientists categorize DNA into a number of so-called haplogroups, based on their similarities and differences.You can think of them like blood types.  Neanderthal nuclear DNA does not make you a Neanderthal.  They don’t affect you or change you, but they can be identified at the molecular level.  DNA mutates at a certain predictable rate.  Its like a clock ticking, but with a clock recording every tick.  It is possible to judge when populations originally diverged, based on how different is the DNA.  If you count up the mutations, knowing what rate, they occurred,you literally have a genetic clock, explained Douglas Wallace, a professor of molecular medicine at the University of California, Irvine.

DNA analysis on Native Americans began in the 1980’s.Early results showed the expected Siberan-Asia ancestry as was expected.  They were in for a surprise!
The conventional wisdom to explain the peopling of the Americas is that migrants crossed from northeast Asia to Alaska around 13,000 years ago to become the ancestors of today’s Native Americans.  mtDNA analysis has revealed some unexpected links between the Mediterranean and North America.  When scientists analyzed the mtDNA of living Native Americans, they found about 3% had mtDNA from a haplogroup called X. Some populations, such as the Ojibwa from the Great Lakes region, have a 25% concentration of X.
Recent European genetic admixture cannot explain the presence of haplogroup X in the Americas.  First, if the occurrence of hX were the result of female gene flow from Europeans, then other, more common European mtDNA haplogroups should also be present in the northern Native Americans, they are not.   Second, the Native American and European mt DNAs are very different and are connected only through an ancient common ancestor.  Hence, Native American and European haplogroup X mtDNAs diverged long ago.  Native American hX, mt DNAs encompass substantial continent specific, implying a ancient arrival in America.
The best evidence of X2 in North America occurs in one Ojibwa subject, whose closest genetic relatives are members of a Mediterranean population, rather than any native subject in North America; despite the thousands of years and thousands of miles that separate them.  The family of languages to which the Potawatomi, Ottawa, and Ojibwa languages belong is intimately related to the Afro-Asiatic family of languages. Interestingly enough, these same populations share a genetic relationship, as well.  The greatest frequency of one particular genetic trait, mitochondrial haplogroup X2 (hereafter mt hap X2), among North American Indians occurs in the Ojibwa Indians (25%). And the greatest occurrence of mt hap X2 in Eurasia is among the Druze of southern Lebanon and northern Israel (11%). 
This analysis confirmed that hX is present in both modern and Native American and European populations.  For Native American, hX encompasses 25% of the Ojibwa, 5% of the Sioux, 11-13 % of the Nuu-Chah-Nulth, 7% of the Navajo and 5% of the Yakima.  The distribution of this hX,among the Native Americans appears to be restricted to northern Amerindian populations.
The apparent absence of hX in northern Asia, parallels, in part, the situation already seen for Native American mtDNA haplogroup B. However, unlike haplogroup X, haplogroup B is present in Tibetans, Koreans, Japanese and Mongolians.  Moreover, haplogroup B is widely distributed among North, Central and South American populations; whereas haplogroup X is restricted to some of the most northern American populations. Its presence in the Navajo but not in other  Na Dene populations suggest that in a manner similar to that characterizing some nuclear-gene markers (Schell and Blumberg  1988) the Navajo have acquired halogroupX through admixture with northern Amerindian populations.  This could have occurred during or after recent migration (1000 years ago) that brought the ancestors of the Navajo from the Alaskan and Western Canada to the southwestern United States. An Amerindian origin of the Navajo hX is also supported by the fact that the Navajo sequences are very similar, if not identical, to those observed in some Ojibwa.  Also the homogeneity of the Navajo sequences suggests that the Navajo acquired hX very recent, 1000 years.
Unlike the four main Native Americans  haplogroups ,A,B,C, and D, X is not strongly associated with East Asia.The absence of X2 in Asia is one of major factors causing the rethinking of the peopling of the Americas.
Anomalous Native American Lineages now identified also among Mi’kmaq Natives.   X, the signature of a Canaanite people whose center of diffusion was the Hills of Galilee, correlating with Jews and Phoenicians. Harvard University professor Barry Fell in his book, “Saga America’ published 1980, presented historical epigraphic, archeological and linguistic evidence suggesting links between Greeks and Egyptians and the Algonquian Natives in Nova Scotia, Acadia and surrounding regions around the mouth of the St. Lawrence Seaway; particularly the Abnaki (white’) and Mi’kmag Natives. He noted as early as 1976 in his study’ America B.C.’, that the Greek historian Plutarch recorded ” Greeks had settled among the peoples of the Western Epeiros”.  Fell inferred from “Plutarch’s passage” these Greeks had intermarried with the Natives and had adopted their language, and had blended  their own language with it.
Haplogroup X is found in approximately 7% of native Europeans,[3] and 3% of all Native Americans from North America.[4]

Overall haplogroup X accounts for about 2% of the population of Europe, the Near East, and North Africa. Sub-group X2 appears to have undergone extensive population expansion and dispersal around or soon after the last glacial maximum, about 21,000 years ago. It is more strongly present in the Near East, the Caucasus, and Mediterranean Europe; and somewhat less strongly present in the rest of Europe. Particular concentrations appear in Georgia (8%), the Orkney Islands (in Scotland) (7%), and amongst the Israeli Druze community (27%). Subclades X2a and X2g are found in North America, but are not present in native South Americans.[5] The greatest frequency of haplogroup X is observed in the Druze, a minority population in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, as much in X1 (16%) as in X2 (11%).[6] The Druze also have much diversity of X lineages. This pattern of heterogeneous parental origins is consistent with Druze oral tradition. The Galilee Druze represent a population isolate, so their combination of a high frequency and diversity of X signifies a phylogenetic refugium, providing a sample snapshot of the genetic landscape of the Near East prior to the modern age.[7]

See more at:
How did haplogroup X get to North America? Genetic anthropologists suggest a early migration westward from Europe/Mediterranean.  By looking at the various mutations within haplogroup X, scientists are able to use that ‘genetic clock”, when they would have arrived.  They came up with two time frames-between 36,000 and 21,000 years ago and between 17,000 and 12,000 years ago.  There is more work to do on mtDNA,  more genetic markers to explore.  DNA evidence  does not lie,it can’t be faked.   The Mediterranean language and writing similarities, the unexplained North African runes, the Copper Culture all fit with the DNA evidence.
Brown et al;mtDNA Haplogroup X in Native Americans


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