Would Fake Artifacts be Astronomically and Navigationally Correct? Burrow Cave Stones

Great Lakes, U.S.A. , Commander Hutton Pulitzer for http://www.InvestigatingHistory.org

This past week we were at the AAPS conference in Michigan for the Conference on Ancient America and one of the topics of many presentations was the Burrows Cave Artifacts.  Of course many have called them faked and a hoax, but all that yelling and rhetoric comes from the Academic Community.

One thing seriously troubles me when it comes to these artifacts being summarily dismissed as fakes and that is:

  1. Why are the navigational declinations and readings correct?
  2. Why are the orientations correct? and;
  3. Probably most important, why are the shoreline measurements (as in each shoreline sailed and depicted) correct? 

As we all know (and as evidenced in my AAPS interview with Dr. James Scherz – see link to broadcast below) Academia rushed to call the Burrows Cave Artifacts a hoax since they did not fit the “system approved line of historical thinking”.  All too often, people and academics alike jump on the fake bandwagon without ever putting it to scientific testing.  Why is that?

Archaeology and Anthropology are not part of the scientific study which apply the scientific method.  It simply is not studied by archaeologist and not required of their work .  But what happens IF one who is true to the scientific method applies it to some of this Forbidden Truth and Hidden History (the name of our radio program)?  Well, the archaeologist and anthropologist look like the humanities fools they are and their “toe the academic line” methods fall off the face of the earth.

Let me share with you, how science trumps Archaeology and Anthropology.

This is just one of SEVERAL THOUSANDS of Burrows Cave Artifacts!  Note to self: SEVERAL THOUSAND!  So lets start asking some simple science based questions?

  1. Most obvious: Why would SEVERAL THOUSAND stones need to be carved to perpetuate a hoax?  Would not a simple hand full do?
  2. Would ANY forger, so to the extent of doing several thousand for any one HOAX, not based on a tourist destination like say Ancient Egypt or Rome? (I could see why forgers would flourish in Rome or Cairo selling to unknowing tourists.  But was the Burrows Cave one just hoping tourist would some day pop up in southern Illinois and then he could sell his fakes to unsuspecting tourists?

For the moment, I won’t go into the difference between Illinois Lithographic Stone and the difference in Lithographic stone from the Ancient Levant (will slap archaeologists and anthropologists with that later), but now we got the simple logic questions out of the way which lead to this is not a hoax, perpetrated by a total super productive but totally marketing un-savvy artifact forger, lets look at the science.

EVIDENCE 1: a single Burrows Cave Artifact:


EVIDENCE 2:  Google Earth Snap Shot of Great Lakes

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 10.36.07 AM

EVIDENCE 3:  Google Earth and Burrows Artifact Layover

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 10.26.25 AM


  • Comparing the Burrows Cave Stone to Google Earth, known maps and excellent measuring and scientific tools (some as sophisticated as a protractor, which archaeologist  do not know how to use) we come up with the following “is this a coincidence or real – scientific facts:
  • Both the maps and the stone show from the Southern most tip of lake Michigan to the Northern tip of Lake Ontario a 68.73 heading
  • Both maps and the stone show from the Southern most tip of Lake Michigan and the Western most edge of Lake Superior a 328.49 degrees heading
  • Both maps and stone show from the Southern most tip of Lake Michigan to the Southern most tip of Lake Erie a 91.50 degree heading
  • Both maps and stone from the Southern most tip of Lake Michigan  to the farthest Northern tip of Lake Superior to be a 4.41 degree heading
  • Both maps and the stone show the entrance to such Great Lakes from the Saint Lawrence seaway depicted at a heading of 56.68 degrees


Lets say the supposed forger of the Burrows Cave Stones was stupid, but really really industrious and productive in making SEVERAL THOUSAND FAKE ARTIFACTS, then WHY would be or she go to the extent of the following?

  1. To make sure all the navigational headings were correct, and;
  2. To assure the scale of the lakes represented on the stone were 100% ratio correct to the amount of SHORE LINES surrounding each lake represented?

What say you?

Over productive fakers, putting out thousands of fakes, or simple logic- and they are very real and very ancient?



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