What is YOUR Oak Island Theory?

Halifax, Oak Island, Nova Scotia – by Commander Hutton Pulitzer

Did you know there are over 20 different theories as to the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Oak Island?  There is a recent theory by extreme researchers who claim to of proven it is the home for a Reptilian Alien Base! (who knows since the Producers of Curse of Oak Island are the same ones who produce Ancient Aliens, maybe the “writer” is angling so a spot next to Giorgio?)

Below are some of the video and audio interviews and theories of WHAT IS YOUR OAK ISLAND THEORY!  Enjoy


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One thought on “What is YOUR Oak Island Theory?

  1. Kay

    Hi, I’ve been following the brothers on their quest for the oak island treasure I really think Rick is so sexy he adds interest and thrill to the show. However I think the oak island treasure is a “trap” meaning nothing is there. Its an elaborate trap put there by pirates to possibly take as many lives as it can. Once they get to the bottom of this they’ll find there was nothing there to begin with. A trap….


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