Oak Island Gets A Dose of Halloween Fantasy

The Legend of Oak Island Treasure has never been a process focused on real facts than it has been on fanciful ideas, but with the broadcasting of the History Channels Hit TV Series “Curse of Oak Island” more and more fanciful writers are joining the fray with some of the best fantasy and creative writing ever.

Let’s take a look at the true and intentional works of fiction and then we will look at works of fiction trying hard to claim historic truth.


For 200 years, Oak Island in Mahone Bay kept its secrets. Treasure hunters came and left, spirits broken and bank accounts drained.

A British admiral’s wartime journal brings new hope – and new dangers – to museum curator Carlos Sheldon and his student assistant, Lauren Gates, as they join the hunt for the elusive Money Pit treasure.

When they respond to lighthouse keeper Rudy Maddock’s invitation to translate the admiral’s journal, they’re met with suspicion and careful cordiality. With mounting tensions between the two rival treasure hunting companies working Oak Island, another interested party isn’t welcome.
Desperation runs high as the Money Pit’s 200th anniversary shines the spotlight on the treasure hunting operations’ failures. With escalating debts and losses, one hunter takes a wrong turn, as another discovers the island’s secret riches or cruel hoax.
For Dr. Sheldon and Lauren, timing is everything.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 5.12.09 PM

The Isaac Question: Templars and the Secret of the Old Testament (Templars in America Series Book 5)


While rooting around in the mysterious stone chambers of New England, historian Cameron Thorne stumbles upon a reinterpretation of the Biblical passage calling on Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac.

It is a revelation—long suppressed by the medieval Knights Templar—that threatens to destabilize the Middle East forever. It is also a secret Cam wants nothing to do with.  David S. Brody is a Boston Globe bestselling fiction writer named Boston’s “Best Local Author” by the Boston Phoenix newspaper. A graduate of Tufts University and Georgetown Law School, he is a former Director of the New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA) and is an avid researcher in the subject of pre-Columbian exploration of America. He has appeared as a guest expert on documentaries airing on History Channel, Travel Channel, PBS and Discovery Channel.


Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 5.16.31 PMThe Premise of this book is: This book is the true story of Oak Island. The mystery has been solved. I know that reading that statement it will be very hard to believe because, so many other writers have claimed that they have too solved it, but this book is much different. In this book you will read an amazing story, which you have never heard before regarding the Oak Island Mystery.

The Author of this book is an actual descendant of the people who buried the treasures on the Island. This book proves once and for all, what Oak Island is really all about, by using a secret treasure map that was given to him by his Grandmother, which led him to find secret anagrams of Oak Island hidden in early American documents.

This book paints a very dark picture about the founding of America and also proves that President George Washington in fact, had a hand in Oak Island. It also covers the never heard before, Sir Francis Bacon and the Freemasons connection.


  1. “This book has been compared to The Da Vinci Code and the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail by verified readers on Amazon Books.”  HERE IS THE DISCONNECT WITH THIS BOLD STATEMENT.  This was the original posting description of the book on Amazon, then almost immediately after posting for purchase THAT very endorsement showed up.  SO THE QUESTION IS:  How did Author Ludden KNOW before hand he was going to get such an endorsement?
  2. NOW THIS ONE IS A HUGE DISCONNECT:  Author Ludden reached out to us and the producers of Curse Of Oak Island just after the start of Season Two last year, claiming he had break through information given to him by his grandmother and she left him a secret map.  In trying to decide IF this content was real and plausible for the series, we asked to interview Mr. Ludden’s sisters to verify the story he was offering.  During the numerous recorded interviews and emails, Mr. Ludden had stated facts about his family; one item mentioning sisters.  Mr. Luddden claimed to be a part of a well kept family secret supporting evidence his family was directly connected to many powerful things; some of which were what was deposited at Oak Island, The Holy Grail and and such.  When we pushed for interviewing his sisters to verify the story, Mr. Ludden stopped communicating.  Shortly, thereafter he popped up with this book.
  3. This brings up the next disconnect.  Then Mr. Ludden was pushing for Season 3 inclusion and contacting the network, the brothers, the Producers and anyone who would listen as well.  Once again, he could not make the credibility and expertise cut and was not asked to appear on the series.
  4. NOW THIS IS STRANGE:  After no luck with the series Mr. Ludden apparently rethought his approach and considering the Producers of Curse Of Oak Island ALSO produce Ancient Aliens; Mr. Ludden modified his pitch and content. His new breakthrough theory?  Oak Island is an ancient alien base containing ancient reptilian aliens, of which George washing and Sir Francis Bacon were in fact Reptilian Aliens

When Mr. Ludden was first trying to a spot on “Curse of Oak Island” he was going by the name of (1)Samuel Winslow.  When he came out with the book, he was now (2)Samuel Ludden, which he attributed to being his actual middle and family name.  The Facebook shut him down for not using his real name and he posted as (3)Samuel Balsano.  ONLY PROBLEM IS- that name is an assumed name as well.  

Will the world ever know WHO the real author is and who is behind all these Oak Island Theories?  At the moment possibly NO, but many professional researchers following the various authors regarding Oak Island; think Samuel Ludden is a planted fake researcher, trying to see if he can get wild stories to take hold and be featured ON AIR, and then once he appears he comes out with:



What say you?

P.S.  Another researcher and video and supposed to be book author, popped up named Peter Dutile.  Mr. Dutile shows himself trespassing on Apple Island and claimed to find a “spear of Christ blade and other powerful Holy Relics” on the island.  When interviewed about his find he stated “The Virgin Mary appeared to him and told him where to go and the whole story”.  Part of his convincing evidence was a ghoulish bearded carving supposedly on Oak Island, but missed by all other researchers.  However, when looked at closely two things were found:

(1) It was photoshopped, and; (2) Mr. Dutile is a photoshop editor and professional web page maker.

What about the artifacts Peter Dutile found?

They were shown and were actually LEVERITES.

Do you know what LEVERITES are?  

Those are just rocks, plain rocks one should “leave er right there” where they were found.

After all, History Channel does produce Canada specific reality programming, but it will not be in time for this Halloween Season.


2 thoughts on “Oak Island Gets A Dose of Halloween Fantasy

  1. Joy Steele

    This is the author of Oak Island Solved. Mr. Pulitzer has his facts wrong about my book and I’m here to set the record straight. Regarding the pines, I said no such thing that the pines would have to be dragged a far distance. In fact I have often presented records indicating that the pine was already there. You can look it up yourself, Samuel De Champlain even gives the coordinates and says the place “was full of pine trees”. I have a second record in fact that states the pines start at 44 degrees and do extend up the coast northward. As for the other things I am laughing because there was a time that I was told I would probably not make it due to my illness. But I fought and did make it and I was thankful to God and I felt inspired. That’s also when the answer, after searching for years, came to me. There is nothing wrong with giving praise to the Lord and that is my faith, it is nobody’s concern really. Regarding the slavery aspect, not in the book but in discussion, I presented an actual historical record of how the slavemasters would lower the slaves down into holding pens. Or I suggested there was an alternative way in. There had to have been because of the madmade artifacts that lie down there. So Hutton I am very disheartened at your cruelty. Funny thing is you are the only negative comment I have ever seen on the book, and by the way….I stand by what I said — Oak Island is really solved, this is what happened.

    1. treasurebusiness Post author

      Joy, Oak Island is a 140 acre plot of land. 140 acres of land, if in fact it was FORMERLY saturated with PINES as you claim, would of been cut within a two-four week operation and in such, there would of been NO NEED to build a kiln as you have stated the Money Pit is. Additionally, stating there were pine trees above 44 degrees is correct but unfortunately a deflection. At issue is hard navigational facts. Your book mentions coordinates for where the pines came from, however you have mistranslated these coordinates and they relate to a site far south of Oak Island, which said said contains (1) Pines (2) tar remains (3) tar pits (4) evidence of manufacturing and (5) mooring. All 5 of these things at the correctly translated coordinates single handedly make your premise 100% fiction. When you can find all you write about as the whole basis for Oak Island, not upon Oak Island but at the real location, then one must face the fact the location has been mis-identified. In closing, none of the 5 items above have been found upon Oak Island. Facts, real facts are everything. When it requires the moving of an area up to Oak Island and then to call that the real place of events, is in fact presenting fiction as fact. You are welcome to debate this in the FB groups.


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