Infamous Oak Island claims 7th LIFE! Curse Completed? UNTOLD STORY Hidden Till Now

This story is VERY DISTURBING – SO WARNING and you are going to hear directly from the family.  

“He died as if in the middle of praying and he was not religious, but he was on his knees as if praying for his life!”

Did the search of an ancient masonic structure lead to the death?  Were the Masons involved?  Was this the Secret Map to finally bring ancient answers to the Mystery of Oak island?   

The Curse of Oak Island has struck and claimed the 7th Victim – but note, this information has been hidden, ignored and untold for a year!  NOTE: this article has even more additional information over and above the recorded interviews.  No one likes to be the bearer of bad news and no investigative reporter or journalist likes to do interviews such as this one, but there comes a time when enough is enough.  In this article (recorded interview to listen to) you are going to hear the direct story of how the Curse of Oak Island was possibly triggered by seeking an ancient, possibly Masonic Map of Oak Island which was hidden in secret, bricked up shrine in an old must die

My journalism work, investigative work and work as a news personality and on-air personality has spanned 30 years now. Whether it has been on ABC Radio, Fox TV or PBS and other networks, I have never conducted an interview quite like this.  Yes, there have been memorable moments in my on-air career such as being one of the last to interview Chris Farley before he died, getting stuck in the middle of the riots and chaos in Los Angeles with the  Rodney King verdict, or even doing countless radio hours as we broke the Starr Report (an investigative account of United States President Bill Clinton by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr) for download and examination by the world onSeptember 11, 1998.  In my years I have seen death, narrowly escaped death, watched death occur before my eyes, watched terrorist with bombs strapped to their bodies click the button and seen them vaporize right before my eyes in a mist of pink to only have their lower body still standing, then to see it topple over moments later when the rest of the body realizes what has happened. The things one has to see when one is involved in the media business can be pretty harrowing.  This story is no different.  Yes, this story is compelling.  Yes, it may reek of sensationalism.  Yes, it is a hard subject and topic to talk about it.  But the fact is it NEEDS TO BE TALKED ABOUT.   HERE IS WHY.

This interview took place a few months ago from the date of posting this release.  The actual death took place just slightly under a year ago.  The individual who passed is Matt Chisholm a well liked, well loved and young and vibrant Producer on Season 1 and Season 2 of the Curse of Oak Island.  Now the very first thing you might ask yourself if “WHY AM I JUST HEARING OF THIS NOW?”  That same question has been rolling around in my head as well from the moment I got the news young Matt passed under very mysterious and still unknown circumstances, with no answers for the family or as to why he died or what caused it.  Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.44.03 AM

Two things you should know in listening to this disturbing story:

  1. Matt was tipped off by a local Nova Scotia Top Masonic Grand Master’s great grand daughter that a secret room, which was walled up and hidden away from the world for ages, was accidentally found and the room was like a secret Masonic Shrine or Temple and it contained an altar which over it was an old Map which showed Oak Island and it had all kinds of “unusual symbols and marking on it”.  It was mere hours before getting this possible secret ancient map in his hands for the series, that Matt was discovered dead!
  2. Matt and I were communicating on what he could do to verify the authenticity of the map, verify the story, location and individuals as a Producer should and then our team could test the paper the map was inscribed on, obtain an age and material verification and then such map could be brought to the series as a potential break through discovery and possibly bring some long sought answers to the incredible Oak Island Mystery.

Obviously, the death of Matt slammed the brakes on that important mission and discovery.  Once I heard of Matts death, at the consternation of the Producers of the series, I announced in it the Facebook groups we manage, posted photos of Matt and eulogized a great young man who died way too early.  But, I DID NOT disclose the facts of his mysterious death.  Mostly since the Producers were flipping out and besides what does a TV Series do when they have millions and millions invested in a story that “When the 7th DIES, this will be solved”??????

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 12.00.03 PM

This is Matt at the close of Season 2

I reach out to Matts mother Nancy and Matt’s source and partner in this secret mission to gain the map, Susan Conway; to find out the facts and to try to find out how and why Matt unexpectedly died.  We informed the Lagina Brothers and many with the Production and we waited and waited and waited.  We even suggested to the brothers they reach out to Matt’s Mother get the story and maybe they could get the Producers to do a tribute, or at the very least a one screen tribute to Matt somewhere in Season Two.  None of this occurred.  To me this was unsettling.  Could the “Curse of Oak Island” opening production sequence be so sacred and audience driving that they could not reveal someone intimately involved with the hunt, there every moment of Season One and Season Two’s filming, missions and expeditions and then one actually transcribing every single word said each day so he could send it back to LA for immediate review by producers, be SO IMPORTANT that they could not let the news be known that maybe the 7th life as claimed by Oak Island?  Is it that hard to go back, reedit a new sensational open and then at the very same time pay honor and respect to a valuable member of the team?

Few other things you should know:

  • The news of this incredible interview did leak and people monitoring our servers and uploads for scoops and advance stories did find the recording waiting for this release and they have already started the naysaying and such, in total disrespect to Matt’s memory and Matt’s Mother Nancy (shame on you Mr. Simpson and the Oak Island Treasure Group for using this to get others to listen to your rhetoric in Oak Island Hate Groups), and;
  • Back earlier in the year, Rick and I, sitting at Marty’s home sharing a pizza while Marty was attending an event honoring him as a top Businessman in Michigan; Rick asked me one of the strangest questions:

    Rick to me: “Do you think that Matt died from drugs since the production team was said to of have had numerous drugged filled parties during production and after production wrapped?”

Naturally this very direct question from Rick caught me totally off guard, but I did offer a response back.  “I have no idea.  I have heard rumors of several parties with all kinds of drugs being shared during production and at the wrap of the season, but I did not go to any of these and truly have no way to confirm or deny such.  All I know is Matt was a great kid, loved the series and there still are no answers to how he died.”

For the record,  this conversation over pizza, was an event which took place after a day long meeting at the Brothers offices in Traverse City where we were all discussing the content we proposed for Season 3, our teams participation in Season 3 and the very meetings where we disclosed to the Brothers the facts about the secret Map, Secret Location, the weird circumstances of Matt’s death.  Unexpectedly,  there were even issues which came up during this meeting as Marty being upset with me thinking we mislead him about our bringing in Nick Burchill and Brian Abbott to scan 10x in Season 2 finale.  Somehow, Marty, instead of focusing on content and the goals of Season 3, the issue became about Nick and Brian and us reaching out to and brining in the very best equipment in the world to try to get answers for the world.  At issue was “had we (my team) ever even worked with Nick and Brian before we brought them in as our scan and map team choice?” and the answer was no.  The fact is we sought out and reached out to the very best and the fine company Kongsberg Maritime sent their best equipment and best men for the job.  We were brought in as experts and we brought in additional experts with us to get answers.  The series is about getting answer right?  At issue, was IF we knew the guys before hand, not wow “these guys you found are the best in the world and thank you”.  One would think after all the messaging, emails, calls, conference calls, approvals in advance by the production company and its executives of the scan and map team we wanted to bring in, Marty would know the facts beforehand of how we managed to bring such technology and expertise to bear for the project.

The crack in the wall started widening at that point, while thinking to myself:   We have just shown you incredible historical breakthroughs, things never before discovered about the island, things which will rewrite the course of history and even showed you how a production team member died going after what could be a breakthrough historic map and you want to know how we “know Nick and Brian” and you glossed over the rest?  Then another shot was sent across my bow and I have to go back and listen to the meeting archive several times to make sure I heard it right, and it was as my ears hear it,

“What if we don’t want to share the screen time with you?”

BANG, share the screen time, when did this become about screen time?  My only answer was

“We don’t care about the screen time, we care about the history and continuing our investigations to get the real story and to get the truth out”.

Out of over 50 proposed investigative missions and hundreds upon hundreds of historical connective facts which need to see the light of day, they narrowed down four items they would consider for inclusion, three of which were; (1) find us the map Matt was after and take us to the secret shrine, and; (2) bring us the 90 Foot stone from the family who has it, and; (3) bring us the King Baldwin Coins found on Oak Island.  Don’t really remember the fourth since I was in a haze over the “sharing a screen comment”.  None the less, I asked them to reach out to Matt’s Mom and to see if the production company would do something in tribute to Matt.

Months went by, Season Two came and went.  No tribute to Matt and no mention of his death. But that was not the worst of it.  No one from the Series, the Network, the Production Company or Island Owners or Oak Island Explorers reached out to Matt’s Mother.  Even after we had documented all the circumstances, shared the weird and unusual facts surrounding Matt’s death and how he was working with local Susan Conway to bring this possible super secret map to light.  Nothing.

Months and months, not a call, not a condolence, and not even when Rick referred to Matt is his “nephew” in a kind, gentle and take him under his wing way, did ANYONE reach out to Matt’s Mother.

This is Susan Conway on the Island. She works for CAT in Nova Scotia and brought digging equipment to the island for Season 3

So now here we are, almost to the day a full year has passed.  9 of 10 episodes on Season Two could of been tagged (at least one) to honor a member of the team who was there every moment documenting this grand adventure for the public and yet it still was not important enough to mention in a  small footnote at the end of the show.  Was the “Seven Must Die” promotion and advertising so important that when an actual team member in THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND dies that it could not be mentioned for fear of having to pull back and re-edits promos and advertisements.  Did we not watch Discovery Channel embrace those who passed in deadliest Catch and honor them and those episodes become one of their top episodes ever?  When did format and pre-produced messages become more important that one of your team members? Pretty sure if Frog or Flash would of either one died in 10x it would of been a rating coup (we were the top viewed episodes) but when a real team member died in pursuit of the truth about Oak Island, since he was not on camera; was there not a compelling story there?

We did this interview with the full blessing of Matt’s mother Nancy.  Between the great story and facts shared by the brave Susan Conway and the sharing of Matt’s mother of the circumstances, lack of answers and the wonderful stories of Matt’s excitement and passion for the series and bits of his amazing and inquisitive childhood; we have hours of recordings.  You can hear in Susan’s voice and Nancy’s voice just how committed Matt was to the Series and the Search.  Each time I re-listen to these interviews one can hear the pain in a mothers voice over the loss of her son.  I cannot fathom the pain of losing a child.  It is hard to grasp, but Nancy does feel Matt was on to something and that Matt did in fact become the 7th victim of Oak Island.

petter_copy blacked

Petter being Blackballed by Producers for a differing opinion on how things on the Island should be run to a higher standard

Only time will tell if Matt’s death was the spiritual or soulful connective tissue which will allow the truth to finally be told about Oak Island.  No one person has control whether or not the truth is shared and told, one can only hope the truth be told and all the facts are examined.

In our guts (speaking for my team, myself and the groups and people we talk to daily) we ALL feel Oak Island is important and does have the potential to rewrite history as we know it.  But, in the TV world, if you have differing opinions and views from the Producers, or you talk too much or share too much you can become blackballed.  If you do not believe me, just look at the blackball email sent to researcher Petter Amundsen for disagreeing with the handling of things on the island.  If that is not a blackball I do not know what is.

This should be a quest for the truth, regardless of what the truth may be or where it may lead. Please remember Matt, a positive soul on a mission who died way too young and under very weird circumstances.  What say you?

P.S.  Yes there will be screaming and yelling over this tribute interview and there will be naysayers attacking it so they get some attention to, and there will be a flurry of letters and notifications (all of which we will share with you) to keep you in the loop.  But our hope is s focus on truth and history is what is the end result.

IMG_2864 copyIMG_2859 copy



9 thoughts on “Infamous Oak Island claims 7th LIFE! Curse Completed? UNTOLD STORY Hidden Till Now

  1. Arthur Nickerson

    how many must die before people leave oak island alone there have been seven who have died and for what greed or for a treasure that is possibly not there?why not leave oak island alone before there are more deaths? thank you

  2. Patty Shadden

    I tried to leave a comment in agreement with your concern about Matt’s story being overlooked. His mother must be devastated. Please extend my sorry for the loss of her son to her. I have felt that Rick is a very sensitive soul. How can he allow this story to just slide by? I am a retied teacher who also read the original Reader’s digest story as my grand mother would pass those magazines on to my parents. When I first read the story I was sad that living in California, Oak Island is too far away to go check out. I was thrilled that someone was picking up this mystery and running with it. Matt should not have died so young. What was the result of the autopsy? Was there a satisfactory explaination? One that could help his mother copy with the mystey of his loss? Now we have another death with Mr. Nolan. That is two deaths. Tell the producers to loose that hoaky curse and move on and share Matt’s loss with the Oak Island “community”

  3. Susan




  5. David jones

    Have found interesting fact around Boston I live an hour away and have found something very interesting if your interested contact me via Facebook or I’m if your not I’m sure someone would be amazed at what I have found very unique feature overlooked by everyone the stories might be true please contact me

  6. Peter Sunny England

    I originally read the story about “The Money Pit” in the mid 70’s in the Readers Digest book. One thing you can be sure of is that the “curse” is fabricated for the show. There is no known curse but it makes it sound exciting.

  7. Rita Everist

    As a fan of the tv show ” Curse of OakIsland”, I often found myself caught up in the questions, concerns and intrigues of the Laguna brothers treasure hunt. While Marty may be an amazing force in this hunt, I am hoping Rick will be the heart and soul of what occurs. I do not believe in curses. However, when another member of the “team” died, I believe the truth should have surfaced. This makes me concerned about what will eventually become of the treasures that will be discovered. Will the Lagina brothers disclose what has been found? Will they keep everything for themselves? Will they have the integrity to return priceless artifacts to rightful owners? If the lack of respect for a fellow “searcher” is an indication of things to come, should we not question the integrity of the whole group?


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