The Inquisition is ON! Confessions of a History Heretic

What if you found irrefutable proof that everything you were taught about history was wrong?

What if you found out the system knew it was wrong as well, but they intentionally published it that way?

What if you found the very system that was supposed to be teaching, sharing, educating on and broadcasting history was in fact no where near interested in the TRUTH ABOUT HISTORY?

Would you be upset? Would you work to change it? Would you do all you could do to get the information out?

In a word, yes.  Most people would say they want the truth about history. Heretics

Of course there is still a large audience which wants to stay with the status quo, not rock the boat and don’t ask too many questions.  Believe me I personally know how it is, a very large part of my family is exactly that way.  But, as for me, I cannot and will not stick my head in the sand.  Let me give you an example:  What if you stumbled upon one of the greatest discoveries of all time.  A discovery that would prove the history we have all been taught was wrong.

On one had the discovery should be enlightening and liberating right?  Yes, it could be.  But on the other hand, the discovery goes so much against the approved and engrained system, that not matter what happens- it will always be a battle.  Yes, I have transformed from Lost History Hunter into a History Heretic.  Every word I write and share will be attacked by those who just are not willing to accept some simple truths, i.e.; (1) man is older than thought, (2) we traveled the globe in the most ancient of times, and; (3) the system of recording keeping has made things become Forbidden Truths and has Hidden History from you and your family.heresy

One thing they are not counting on is just how open the world is now and day by day with new discoveries happening and new science evolving which will trump the recordation of history- there is very little chance of it all being held back.  The time has come for the world to learn and know the TRUTHFUL VERSION of HISTORY.

This will be a journey.  This is a transformation taking place.  People are transforming and we as a team are transforming.  So, becomes and one Lost History Hunter becomes a Truth Hunter and gets branded a History Heretic.  I embrace it and the calling.  Welcome to the new home of 



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