Oak Island Ship Wreck – Oak Island Train Wreck – The Art of Hiding History!

Nova Scotia Shipwrecks? Yep, 25,000 of them.  Approvals to research and reclaim? 2 per 12,500 in 2012.  The sad state of Nova Scotia Shipwrecks is Oak Island’s Train wreck!

The headlines around the globe at the end of the year was “Romans Beat Columbus to America”.  One article sparked over 160,000 share and many millions of reads.  Why did the story go viral?

We all know the Columbus Discovered America story is garbage and needs to finally be laid to rest at the bottom of Davy Jone’s locker. But now what do we do about the Oak Island Shipwreck?

First, lets sort the facts from the fiction.  The exact location of the shipwreck of Oak Island has not been disclosed.  Why?  This is to protect the site from looters while the appropriate government agencies can become involved.  Remember, there is NO shipwreck diving legally allowed in Nova Scotia and it will be both a long process and a legal battle to get the full underwater archaeological investigation underway.

With that said, you need to know how to spot those who do not want the true history of Oak Island to come forward.  (1) They will say there is NO such shipwreck (when they have not seen the data) and; (2) They will attempt to hijack the dialog by trying to tell you the shipwreck around Oak Island is something like a 1754 fishing boat.  Why do this?  They need to draw support away from fully studying and doing a complete underwater archaeological study of the ship wreck, since real archaeology will force the issue.

Nova Scotia has two conflicting histories:  

(a) The Marine Database for Nova Scotia shows the following information:

This database contains almost 5,000 wrecks, but as shipwreck estimates in Nova Scotia range up to 25,000, not all shipwrecks are recorded. The wrecks in this database date from 1583 to 1999.

With that many wrecks and only 1 in 5 actually archaeologically identified and those are from PRE-1583, that means 5 to 1 are much older than the history of the area.

This means Nova Scotia has a 5 to 1 opportunity to rewrite history and PROVE once and for all Ancient Mariners came to the Americas.  But, then there is the little problem of item (b).  What is item (b)?

(b) Nova Scotia does not allow shipwreck diving and exploration

Nuts I know, but take a look at this map and look at the history legally languishing in Nova Scotia waters!

nova scotia shipwrecks

Every single dot represents a ship and shipwreck exploration, diving and recovery is OUTLAWED?  Talk about HIDING HISTORY!

This one place on the global map has more known wrecks than any other place on the globe.  For example, lets look at Egypt.  Their database shows:

For thousands of years, the treacherous waters of the Red Sea have been the crossroads of civilization. The earliest ships in this region were made of reeds, and those which sank have vanished without a trace. However, there have been over a hundred shipwrecks since the mid-1800s alone. Several dozen of these wrecks lie in shallow waters and are suitable for exploration by divers.

100 since mid 1800’s.  Nova Scotia is that MANY TIMES OVER and OVER!

Look at this one shallow, hard to see island off of Oak Island on direct approach from across the Atlantic.  Look how many shipwrecks it harbors:

known nova scotia wrecks

Talk about a “Haven For History Being Hidden”.  Nova Scotia is an underwater archaeological bonanza but for some weird reason it is illegal and ONLY the government can undertake such operations.  However, there is ONE PROBLEM:


Here is why this Nova Scotia issue is really and OAK ISLAND TRAIN WRECK!  

Private treasure-salvaging operations were made illegal in Nova Scotia about six years ago, after the province bowed to pressure to “match the spirit of the UNESCO Convention on Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage,” according to a news release from 2010.

Now, to do any kind of reconnaissance work, divers must obtain Category A heritage research permits through the Department of Natural Resources. Only two were handed out in 2012, and the department was unable to comment on whether those were for exploration or environmental assessments.

TWO PERMITS IN 2012!  That’s one permit per 12,500 wrecks!

This is a wreck alright!  Bad enough even some Nova Scotians do not want to embrace their ancient history and seem content to let shipwrecks lay and disintegrate, but the government too? Even IF private enterprise will PAY THE COSTS?

This does not make sense and now you know WHY the PUBLIC HAS TO BECOME INVOLVED and help this history surface once again!  



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