Heinrich Schliemann, The Man Who Discovered Troy and Launched Archaeology

Heinrich Schliemann established archeology as the science that we know today. The German adventurer and multi-millionaire, who died 125 years ago, discovered Troy and what he thought was the Treasure of Priam.

Heinrich Schliemann was a complex character, part dreamer and part genius in disguise. Many of his contemporaries regarded him as a utopian, as he traveled around in Turkey equipped with little but a beat-up edition of Homer’s “Iliad.” Schliemann was determined to discover ancient Troy – and so he did.

For the longest time, the German public used to make light of Schliemann’s achievements, as his biggest rival, top archeological expert Ernst Curtius, repeatedly mocked him in a bid to polish his own professional profile. Schliemann was, however, much more appreciated in Britain, where the German researcher has always been celebrated as the man who discovered the ancient city of Troy – a place, which up to that point had been shrouded in mystery.

Source: Heinrich Schliemann, the man who discovered Troy | Culture | DW.COM | 03.01.2016


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