DNA Could Solve Mystery Of Indus Valley Civilization – DNA Unlocks The Ancient Past

Wazir Chand is explaining life 4,000 years ago.He points to the rocky mounds looming over a huddle of brick houses, a herd of black buffalo and a few stunted trees.The rising sun burns off a chill mist over the north-west Indian plains.A low rise was a fortification, Chand says, and a darker patch of red earth hides the site of an altar. Nimbly stepping around piles of buffalo dung, he points to a slight depression. This, apparently, was a pit that may have been a reservoir.

To the casual onlooker, Rakhigarhi is unimpressive. Yet the rubbish-strewn mounds and fields around and under this Indian village are set to deliver the answer to one of the deepest secrets of ancient times.Rakhigarhi is a key site in the Indus Valley civilisation, which ruled a more than 1m sq km swath of the Asian subcontinent during the bronze age and was as advanced and powerful as its better known contemporary counterparts in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Source: DNA could solve mystery of Indus Valley civilization – Business Insider



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