16th-Century ‘Pirate Bones’ Found In Scotland – Playing With Bones

The body may have been hung and displayed in the village before being buried in a shallow, unmarked grave.

Imagine being in school on the playground playing Pirates.  Most of us did that.  Now imagine, playing pirates on the school yard playground and there are authentic pirate bones right under yer feet!  True, true, matey and here is the story!

Kids often dream of stumbling upon a pirate treasure, but a group of children in Scotland have for years been playing right on top of an actual pirate.

The remains of a man who is believed to have been a pirate centuries ago were excavated from the playground of a school in Edinburgh. The bones were found at the Victoria Primary School when plans were being made to extend the school,which was built in 1844 and sits near the harbor of Newhaven, a fishing village.

Workers discovered shards of pottery estimated to be 4,000 years old as well as a set of bones in such poor condition that they initially believed them to be about the same age.

Source: 16th-Century ‘Pirate Bones’ Found Under School Playground In Scotland


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