Treasure hunters set sights on wreck’s gold

Last summer, a team from Endurance Exploration Group used a remotely operated vehicle — or ROV — to recover a glass bottle, a chamber pot fragment, and a piece of china that had been sitting on the seabed some 1,000 feet below the Atlantic Ocean’s surface for more than 150 years.

It was confirmation that they had discovered the resting place of the SS Connaught, a 370-foot-long steamer that sank April 21, 1860, about 100 miles from Boston. Now, Endurance is formulating a plan to retrieve the Connaught’s suspected bounty: millions of dollars in gold coins. In a lengthy BBC piece, Chris Baraniuk tells the story of Endurance CEO Micah Eldred’s mission to create a profitable shipwreck salvage business, why he chose the Connaught, and the challenges Endurance faces as it undertakes “a subsea engineering job that we’re trying to make respectable.”

Source: Treasure hunters set sights on wreck’s gold


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