9,000 Year Old Settlement Discoverd On The Lower Illinois River

In 1968, Stuart Struever was a faculty member in the anthropology department at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He was a “down-stater,” however, having grown up far from Chicago in the small town of Peru, Illinois, and he never lost the ability to speak the language of the down-stater. And so it was that he made true friendships among the landowners of the Lowilva, the local name for the Lower Illinois Valley, where the Mississippi River meets the Illinois.Among the life-long friends he made were Theodore “Teed” Koster and his wife Mary, retired farmers who just happened to have an archaeological site on their property, who just happened to be interested in the past.Struever’s investigations (1969-1978) at Koster farm revealed not only the middle and early late Woodland materials reported by the Kosters, but a stratified multi-component archaic period site of astonishing depth and integrity.  CLICK LINK TO READ MORE

Source: The Koster Site – Living 9,000 Years on the Lower Illinois River


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