The Libraries of Herculaneum: Not Quite Destroyed By Mt. Vesuvius? History Rediscovered!

The discovery of lead in the ink of papers found in the ancient Roman town of Herculaneum could eventually enable researchers to read the ancient documents.

The Libraries of Herculaneum:

Scientists have discovered that ancient scholars in the town which, along with its more-famous neighbor, Pompeii, was destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius used a lead-based paint, which they may be able to read using X-ray technology, Sonia van Gilder Cooke wrote for the New Scientist.

“This really opens up the possibility of being able to read these scrolls,” Graham Davis, a reader for 3D X-ray imaging at Queen Mary University of London, told New Scientist. “If this is typical of this scroll or other scrolls, then that is very good news.”


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