Sonar Turns Up a Long-Lost Civil War Ship

Archaeologists think they’ve found the shipwreck of a long-lost blockade runner: the Agnes E. Fry.

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, was the Confederacy’s last port. During the Civil War, blockade runners that evaded the Union navy were one of the Confederate army’s few lifelines. But maneuvering a small, fast ship in the dead of night was hard as it sounds, and many of them didn’t make it. Archaeologists now think they’ve found the shipwreck of one of those long lost blockade runners off Wilmington: theAgnes E. Fry.

At least they’re “99 percent sure” it’s the Agnes E. Fry, says archaeologist Billy Ray Morris—this being an extremely old boat under extremely dark waters. The last one percent of uncertainty will be worked out next week, when divers descend to the shipwreck with a sonar machine to map the shipwreck in glorious 3D detail.

Read More AT Source: Sonar May Have Turned Up a Long-Lost Civil War Ship, the Agnes E. Fry | WIRED


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