Lost City Discovered  – Maybe Even A New Civilization

Archaeologists have reported the stunning discovery of a new (old) city discovered in Honduras.

Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés reported hearing “trustworthy” information on a region with “towns and villages” of extreme wealth in Honduras. He tried several times to locate them, but never succeeded. After a while, the urge to find this city (or cities) faded, until 1927, when aviator Charles Lindbergh reported seeing a “white city” while flying over eastern Honduras.

Several explorers reportedly found it subsequently, but no one revealed the exact coordinates. Academics also started to take it seriously, and also in 1927, Eduard Conzemius, an ethnographer from Luxembourg said that the city had been located by someone who got lost in the area. Interest grew but again faded for a few decades until the 1990s, when several findings were claimed to be the legendary “White City”, but none was confirmed.

Source: A lost city has been discovered in Honduras – maybe even a new civilization


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