Diver Discovers ‘African Atlantis’ 

Archaeologist set to visit submerged city off Mafia Island to get better understanding of site.  A diver has discovered what appears to be an ancient sunken city off Mafia Island in Tanzania. Diver Alan Sutton, from Seaunseen, had originally been looking for the remains of an old fort rumoured to have been washed away to sea, but instead he came across the remains of a wall stretching almost 4km.

“It was jaw dropping,” he told IBTimes UK. “It’s difficult to explain what it’s like to find something like that. I wasn’t expecting anything that large, I was expecting an old Portuguese fort and then found something much larger.”

The discovery is detailed in a blog post by Sutton, with images showing remnants of the wall. Mafia Island is a small sand island. After flying over in a helicopter, he noticed an “unusually shaped formation in the water”. The spot the formation is located in is remote and difficult to access. The location is particularly noted for its murky waters: “Because of the tidal movements and relatively shallow depth, visibility in the area is not good. This is almost certainly why the structures have not been spotted before,” he wrote.


Source: Diver discovers ‘African Atlantis’ off Tanzania’s Mafia Island


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