Forensics New Frontier For History Hunting


If you watch TV then you know the future of our History is NEW SCIENCES which enable us to test the “theories” put forth for our ancient past.  Startling to some, self evident to others is how forensic science is rewriting the history books.  For a start, do you know the full definition of forensics?

Forensic science is the application of science to criminal and civil laws. Forensic scientists collect, preserve, and analyse scientific evidence during the course of an investigation. While some forensic scientists travel to the scene to collect the evidence themselves, others occupy a laboratory role, performing analysis on objects brought to them by other individuals.[1]

In addition to their laboratory role, forensic scientists testify as expert witnesses in both criminal and civil cases and can work for either the prosecution or the defense. While any field could technically be forensic, certain sections have developed over time to encompass the majority of forensically related cases.

Personally, I LOVE the TV series “Forensic Files”.  For me it is a way to understand the various Forensic Sciences and then understand how those same tests can be used in my world of History Hunting.  Most exciting about forensics is this field of science is the one key field which is forcing the correcting of lies and inaccuracies about our historical past (aside from DNA).



Did you know when the government wanted deeper answers to help explain the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, that they reached out to one of the best in the forensic field to provide those answers?

Do you know who that individual was?

Scott Wolter - Forensic Thought LeaderYou have all seen Scott Wolter on H2 and American Unearthed, but you most likely did not know that he is one of the top forensic experts on materials in the world.  So well known in forensic investigations that both industry and the Federal Government have caamerica unearthedlled on his services to find answers where others could not.

How cool is that?  Yes, being on TV itself is cool, but long before the 40 different episodes you have watched him on the History Channel – decades in fact- Scott was (and still is) a Forensic Investigations Superstar.


Here is a little known Scott Wolter fact.  When the forensic industry was becoming so academically HOT and everyone was migrating over to Forensic Sciences as a field of study (I think in part thanks to the hit TV show – and one of my favorites – Forensic Files) that more course books needed to be written.  Answering the call for new text book materials was Wiley.  This company is the definitive in text books, course books and professional journals.  Here is a bit on them:

Wiley’s Global Research business is a provider of content-enabled solutions to improve outcomes in research, education and professional practice with online tools, journals, books, databases, reference works and laboratory protocols. With strengths in every major academic, scientific and professional field, and strong brands including Wiley Blackwell and Wiley VCH, Wiley proudly partners with over 800 prestigious societies representing two million members. Through Wiley Online Library, we provide online access to a broad range of content: over 4 million articles from 1,500 journals, 9,000+ books, and many reference works and databases. Access to abstracts and searching is free, full content is accessible through licensing agreements, and large portions of the content are provided free or at nominal cost to nations in the developing world through partnerships with organizations such as HINARI, AGORA, and OARE.

book wolter

This is the text and professional book which is used to teach engineers and forensic material experts alike and guess who the guest author was of one of the most important chapters?  Thats right – Scott Wolter.

The industry raves about this text book:

“Through his selection of guest authors, the Editor has comprehensively covered the diverse topics of modern condition assessment such as building structures and engineers, who wish to learn more about this important part of modern engineering practice, will find that it offers a concise introduction and guide for further study.” (Structure and Infrastructure Engineering; 12/07)

“An increasing proportion of construction involves maintenance, renovation, restoration and adaptive reuse of already-built facilities, rather than new construction. Structural Condition Assessment is a unique and valuable contribution to the engineering literature. It serves as a practical reference for undertaking the evaluations required for successful renovation, restoration and adaptive reuse of existing facilities.” — Kenneth Carper, ASCE (Journal of Constructed Facilities, August 2006)


One of the very reasons you have seen Scott Wolter on TV so much is because he is a leading scientist and thought leader in his field of work.  Many of the episodes you saw him in on the History Channels were great stone carvings of secret and unknown origins, but long before he put boot leather to ground to investigate more archaeological sites in America than any one else, he was cracking secrets using forensics for the Federal Government and others.  How cool is that?

You might enjoy the Scott Wolter books as well



wolter pulitzer # (1)


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