Using 3D Printers To Recreate Shipwrecks

Two shipwrecks in UK waters are among the world’s first underwater archaeological sites to be recreated using 3D printing technology.

Archaeologists have made a full colour model of a wreck near Drumbeg, in Sutherland, thought to date from the late 17th or early 18th century.

A print has also been made of HMHS Anglia, a World War One hospital ship lost off Folkestone in Kent in 1915.

The steamship, built in Dumbarton in 1900, sank after it struck a mine.

3D printing involves machines that can create a three dimensional object from an image by laying down thin layers of materials, such as plastic, on top of each other.

Wessex Archaeology worked with printing firms in Scotland and England after first investigating and scanning the wreck sites.



Source: 3D prints of shipwrecks off Drumbeg and Folkestone – BBC News


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