How Archaeologists Hurt History and Hollywood Helps!


Now before your get all upset about the provocative title of “How Archaeologists Hurt History” let me clarify I am not talking about ALL 100% of archaeologists for this article, but a large majority of the “archaeologists of the past”.  So, no need for psuedo-archaeologists, or sci-fi writers posing as psuedo-archaeologists to get up in arms.

However, there is a sci-fi angle to this story.  The original story was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  You know Doyle- the creator of Sherlock Holmes.

 “”Between 1888 and 1906, Doyle wrote seven historical novels, which he and many critics regarded as his best work.[30] He also authored nine other novels, and later in his career (1912-1929) five stories, two of novella length, featuring the irascible scientist Professor Challenger. The Challenger stories include what is probably his best-known work after the Holmes oeuvre, The Lost World. wikipedia”””

It is the Lost World 1960’s MOVIE which is my focus in this article, but most notably the natives.lost world meme

For some strange reason, having my morning Starbucks this past Sunday I happened across this 1960 flick and watched in from beginning to end.  The film, even 56 years old was still very good, however the facts were more like they were written by an Italian Science Fiction writer from NYC trying to sensationalize the history of man, rather than a movie of science fiction attempting to at least get some of the basic facts correct.

For example:  When the “team of explorers” is captured and paraded to the “natives” all the natives were standing around doing some sort of “jiggly dance” in anticipation of the the captives coming their way (see photo above).  Then it dawned on me why this was the case.

You see, all the actors playing the “natives” were most likely those Italian immigrants who went to Hollywood to make their fame and fortune, but were relegated to play “natives” and not much else. Of course this bigoted and racist side of Hollywood no one likes to remember.  But then, I realized that the sci-fi writer most likely consulted some back woods rural South Carolina Pseudo-Archaeologist who never worked in the field, but only learned from books (Remember, even Indiana Jones told students if they wanted to be a real archaeologist they needed to get OUT OF THE LIBRARY).

the-lost-world-1960-37This was the disconnect, not the sci-fi writer trying to be relevant to history or archaeology, but the broken archaeology history which thinks that all things pre-Columbus were idiots, wild natives, cannibals and general untamed heathens.  Look at how the movie was billed: (wikipedia)

The Lost World is a 1960 De Luxe Color and a CinemaScope fantasy adventure film loosely based on thenovel of the same name by Arthur Conan Doyle and directed by Irwin Allen. The plot of the film revolves around the exploration of a flat mountain in Venezuela inhabited by cannibals, dinosaurs, carnivorous plants, and giant spiders.

The very reason the “natives” were doing the “shacking so badly because I cannot wait to eat you dance” was archaeology has described ALL native races this was from the beginning of the study and it even still persists today.

One cannot help but laugh at current archaeology circles which would no one still will admit to super advanced civilizations and lost technologies we KNOW to be fact, but they will assign the label “ritual sacrificial altar” still to any stone formation they cannot define or decode and when finding “grave sites or mass grave sites” they slap on the “ritual killing label”.  That worked in the 1800’s but it does not work in the 2000’s – yet they still do it.  Not THAT is PSEUDO SCIENCE! What they call those who seek and question is a reflection of their shame for being based on lies.  Same in far left wing politics.  Call others racist, yet divide by the races.  Call others haters, yet incite violence and call it demonstrating.  Those that call the names are reflecting what they really are.

So here is how wide the circle goes.  Archaeologists got it wrong, sold the bad images to Hollywood and then Hollywood sold it to the world AND that is exactly WHY the psuedo-archaeologists, archaeologist, anthropologist and others STILL cannot disown bad data and beliefs and still stick to “man was simple”, “man could not sail great oceans before Columbus”, “Americas were only wild animals” and “Man was not more advanced in the ancient past”.  These same “super left leaning” academics who espouse being “more moral, open and advanced” then the common man and women of today, still peddle historic swill as fact.  These same people who will turn a blind eye to an inconvenient pregnancy being killed in womb, but will fight with all they have to have you imprisoned if you kill a feral animal, are the same people WHO DENY man was once better, smarter and did more amazing things than we could ever imagine. But yet, these same individuals hammer into our heads that ancient man was nothing more than wild animals themselves.

For me, mankind did do great things in the past and something happened to those great civilizations and we lost both history and super technologies.  Those amazing structures, pyramids and such are physical proof.  But alas, modern academics call those of us who believe such fools, idiots and nuts for believing such, yet it is THEM who got sold a bag of junk.  They bought into “man was a wild heathen” story.  The Church, Ruling Classes and Political Elite sold that “story” to justify land grabs.

The real truth is man was advanced and it collapsed.  Natives were people just like us, with vast civilizations and levels of science, art and innovation.  NOT jiggy dancing fools in loin cloths which psuedo-archaeologists would have us believe.

So, for a good laugh and a truly interesting movie watch the 1960 flick “The Lost World” and then realize the “story of man and natives” was sold to us by a bunch of idiots who thought they knew more than us and that THEY could actually tell us what people were really like 100,000 years ago.  Yet, those same academic snobs could no more tell you their family history, ties, allegiances and legends back for more than one or two generations, yet they can make up all sorts of fairy tales for the total of mankind.

That is why the sci-fi writer and the archaeologist and anthropologists are perfect bed partners, yet they vilify those of us who seek answers and want answers and keep asking questions.  I would rather continue to SEEK and have QUESTIONS then to be so arrogant to think I HAVE THE ANSWERS and can answer for ALL of mankind.

What say you?  Did archaeologists and Hollywood hurt history be perpetuating the old Church, Ruling Class and Elite Classes false history?


3 thoughts on “How Archaeologists Hurt History and Hollywood Helps!

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  2. Byron J. Hendrix

    You are so right. If you don’t believe that, just look at the amount of information on the Woodlawn Indians. There is virtually no or little information regarding this culture. There are very few artifacts and little cultural history because the archeologist considers it not glamorous enough to warrant their work.

  3. Jimmy Mouton

    Right on! Egyptologists may be the worse when telling the world that the pyramids were burial chambers. They do not have any idea, so they keep repeating the same dribble that some outdated, moldy-brained archaelogists proposed long ago. They seem to forget what the definition of “theory” is. It is not “fact”. And as far as Hollywood goes, they prove day in and day out that ineptitude smeared with frosting will be gobbled up by an unthinking public. Ignorance is not bliss, it is dangerous.

    You are also correct when describing the far left political types. They are what they accuse others of being. Simple, really. Not hard to understand when the facts are presented. Keep up the good work. and keep asking questions.


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