Aristotle’s tomb discovered 2,400-year-old crypt 

It was originally thought that the philosopher was buried elsewhere but now archaeologists think his ashes were moved’

Archaeologists have found the tomb of the philosopher Aristotle in Greece after excavating for two decades.

The 2,400-year-old crypt was discovered in his birthplace Stagira, near the ancient city’s Agora – a public gathering space.

It was originally thought that Aristotle died in Chalcis in 322 BC – 62 years after his birth in 384 BC – but archaeologists now think the people of Stagira moved his ashes to his home town.

Speaking at the Aristotle 2400 Years World Congress, archaeologists hailed the finding as the most important from a 20-year excavation, according to the Greek Reporter .


Source: Aristotle’s tomb discovered in Greece: Archaeologists reveal location of philosopher’s 2,400-year-old crypt – Mirror Online


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